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The best Kim Possible merch and gifts

Thank you for joining us for the Kim Possible Cast Meet & Greet! Not ready for your crime-fighting adventure to come to an end? No big! See what the sitch is below and get your Kim Possible merch so you can become part of Team Possible, 24/7!

Kim Possible T-Shirts

What more straightforward way is there to declare your fandom than to strut around in a Kim Possible t-shirt. The Disney Shop has a number of already pre-made designs ready to go for both kids and adults. However, you can also fully customise them with your own graphics, colours and more if you have your own style in mind.

Kim Possible Costumes & Cosplay

What’s the next step up from throwing on a tee? How about cosplaying as the titular character herself. Halloween Costumes has both a kids and adult Kim Possible costume for sale so you can sport the look at your next party or con. We’ve also added in a couple of other options should you want to mix it up from the more obvious option!

Kim Possible DVDs

Relive Kim Possible adventures time-and-time again from the comfort of your own home with these Kim Possible DVD collections. For the classic Kim Possible fan, a four-movie collection of animated adventures including A Sitch in Time and So the Drama is available. There’s also the live-action Kim Possible film from 2019.

Kim Possible Books

If the show isn’t enough for the Kim Possible superfan if your life then why not give them more to devour with a Kim Possible book? A number of Kim Possible adventures have been transformed into the written word, plus you’ll get some extras including posters and photos to adorn your room. Looking for a gift for the more creative types? Well, there’s even a Kim Possible Coloring Book to sketch through.

Kim Possible Phone Case

Ensure your friends can call you and beep you if they wanna reach me even after your phone takes a tumble with this Kim Possible Otterbox Phone Case. A robust design ensures the best protection for your cell, plus you can customise it to your liking. A range of different phone models are supported, too!

Kim Possible Customizable Tote Bag

Want something swish to carry your stuff in while you’re out and about? How does a Kim Possible Tote Bag sound? What we like most about this tote bag from the Disney Store is the ability to customize the style and design to your tastes.

Kim Possible Mug & Water Bottle

No matter the sitch – whether at home or on the go – you can stay hydrated with this Kim Possible mug and water bottle. Again, the Disney Store offers a number of customization options for the mug: everything from the colour to the style. You can even design your own travel mug for the coffee lovers out there. As for the water bottle, the stainless steel design ensures it’s light and durable to carry around. Your drink of choice will remain nice and chilled, too!

Once again, thanks for joining us for the Kim Possible Cast Meet & Greet. Hopefully, some of the Kim Possible merch we’ve selected here has inspired you. Do have a browse around Jelly Deals while you’re here to find our picks of the best Animal Crossing merch, some top Borderlands merch and our favourite Super Mario gifts.

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