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Black Friday

Best PS Plus and PS Now deals for Black Friday 2020

If you have a PS4, you can get the most out of it by getting PS Plus and PS Now subscriptions, which can increase the number of games you play, as well as how you play them. We’ll go into how to get the best PS Plus and PS Now deals on Black Friday 2020.

Where to find the best PS Plus and PS Now Black Friday deals

Below we’ve laid out all the best offers for PS Plus and PS Now, whether you’re in the UK or the US, and we’ll be updating this page in real time as we get more info along the way. Or, if you want to know about both services, scroll down where we’ve included all the info on both of them and what you’ll be getting when you buy them.

Best PS Plus deals

If you’re looking for offers on PS Plus, there are some reliable options, and the service often comes bundled with consoles or controllers, or even short subscriptions coming with games that are very online-dependant (such as FIFA 21). Wherever it’s found, we’ll put the best options and deals below



Best PS Now deals

PS Now is generally a little less commonly available than its counterpart, but that doesn’t mean there’s not a range of retailers and the occasional discount ready for you. We’ve laid out everywhere you can get it cheap here!



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What’s the Difference Between PS Plus and PS Now?

Many people might be wondering what the difference between PS Plus and PS Now actually is, assuming they’re new to both services. We’ve laid out a clear description of each and how they affect the way you play right here.

What is PS Plus?

PS Plus is a subscription service that unlocks the online elements of most video games. For example, if you buy Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, you’ll be able to play all of the game, except the online multiplayer. The multiplayer unlocks for you when you subscribe to PS Plus and is cut off for you again when your subscription ends. 

There are a few online games that work even without PS Plus (though not many), and some games will have lesser online elements that work separately. For example, a game might have an online leaderboard to compare your progress and score with that to your friends, and because you’re not really “playing” this part, you won’t need PS Plus. But when you want to play with your friends in that same game, it’ll suddenly stop you and say you need to come back with a proper subscription.

There are also certain games that are discounted for Plus members. Check on the Store for any game with a yellow plus on it – that’ll be cheaper for you while you’re still subscribed!

Finally, PS Plus gives its subscribers free games every month – usually two, and while they’re not likely to be anything brand new, it’s not uncommon to see games that are only two or three years old being given away as a fun extra. It’s not just minor indie games – you can get major franchises and AAA titles this way. Remember to keep checking the PlayStation Store to see what’s being given away this month!

What is PS Now?

PS Now is basically Netflix for PlayStation games. It’s a monthly subscription service that allows you to download any number of hundreds of preselected games to your console and play it for no extra cost. Once the subscription ends you won’t be able to play those games any longer, but it’s still a great deal if you’re somebody who likes to play a lot of different games over a short period of time. If you’re still uncertain, here’s the full list of PS Now games.

How to get PS Plus and PS Now for free

If you haven’t tried either service and want to see what they have to offer before you commit to payment, you should try a free trial! These often come bundled with games, as mentioned, but are sometimes given away on the console itself. Assuming you’ve never had a free trial before (every user only gets one), you’ll be able to give it a go. Check online and see if you like it before subscribing!

Hopefully, that was helpful! There are so many more Black Friday savings to check out just here at Jelly Deals! Check out our PS4 Black Friday page if you haven’t already, or get yourself a Black Friday broadband deal to ensure your internet is prepared for all the new games you’ll be downloading.

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