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Black Friday

Best Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold deals for Black Friday 2020

Xbox owners or prospective buyers should know that if you own an Xbox One, the best way to get the most out of it is by getting Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold, two great services that enhance the way you play. We’ll go into the best Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold deals for Black Friday 2020 in our helpful guide here, what each service offers, and update all this info in real-time, so you’ll always have the best discounts.

Where to find the best Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold Black Friday deals

For the best discounts for both Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold this Black Friday, we’ve laid out everything you need to know just below, with the deals first and details at the bottom. As mentioned, we’ll be updating this info in real-time as Black Friday approaches and passes, so keep checking back and refreshing the page – we’ll have what you need sooner or later!

Best Xbox Game Pass deals

Xbox Game Pass rarely comes bundled with anything less than a console itself, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be worth the value regardless. Not only that, but the subscription can often be discounted on Microsoft’s official sites, meaning that you can get it reduced on its own. We’ve seen that Game Pass Ultimate will be reduced over Black Friday so you’ll want to hold off until then if you can. If not, here are the best prices right now.



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Best Xbox Live Gold deals

For those who’re looking to game as a group, you’ll need Xbox Live. This is a little more common as something that can be bundled with games, though usually not any substantial amount of time – a couple of weeks given free with a game that’s heavily multiplayer-focused, for example. Check below for the best offers, bundled or not!


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What’s the difference between Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold?

The difference between Game Pass and Xbox Live is a matter of functionality versus accessibility. Game Pass is a hot-demand service that functions as Netflix for Xbox games, allowing you to pay a monthly subscription (or pay for several months in advance) to be able to download games to your console or computer. You can only play them for as long as you’re subscribed to the service, but there are no extra payments involved.

Not only that, but Game Pass often involves exclusive content and offers, and allows you to buy certain games at a discount, so you’ll get to keep them even after the subscription ends. The full list of Game Pass games can be found here(though it changes all the time)

Xbox Live Gold is a service that allows you to play games with multiplayer. For example, if you have Halo, you’ll be able to play the single player campaign completely fine, even if you don’t have Gold permissions. However, once you select the multiplayer option, you’ll be gently rebuffed back to the main menu unless you have an Xbox Live Gold account. It also comes with a “Games with Gold” feature that gives you a few free games every month, which isn’t a bad deal.

So to clarify: Game Pass lets you download games from the internet, while Gold lets you play online games with friends and strangers. Don’t worry, we’re nearly there now.

Xbox Game Pass Black Friday 2020 prices

Does Xbox Game Pass work on PC?

Yes, it does, assuming you get the right one. If you have a recent Windows computer, you can get Game Pass for that, though the library of games available is different depending on whether you’re doing it through an Xbox or a PC.

Not only that, but the standard Game Pass only applies to one device or the other. You can get the PC Game Pass, or the Xbox Game Pass, but they’re not the same thing. Well, unless you upgrade a little, and that brings us nicely to:

What is Xbox Game Pass Ultimate?

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is an enhanced version of regular Game Pass, that costs slightly more, but has a lot of extras. For one thing, it applies to both your Xbox and your computer, meaning you pay one subscription fee for both devices (though they still each have separate libraries).

More interestingly, Game Pass Ultimate also comes bundled with a free subscription to Xbox Live Gold! That means you can play online games through it as much as you like, and it’ll never run out as long as you’re an Ultimate member.

That’s all the data you should need for that then! Of course, if you’re looking for an Xbox proper to run Game Pass through, check out all the great Black Friday Xbox discounts here, or take a look at our PS Plus/PS Now Black Friday page for PlayStation’s equivalent services. Also, with all the new games you’ll be downloading, you’ll want to make sure your internet is up to scratch with one of the best Black Friday broadband deals we’ve found.

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