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Playstation 5

PS5 SSD: which NVMe SSDs are compatible with PlayStation 5?

With the ever-growing size of game files, your PS5’s included 825GB storage will fill up fast. Even limited to a few games, the like of GTA Online and Call of Duty: Warzone require regular sizable updates. If you want to have access to more games at any time without constantly deleting and reinstalling, then expanding your storage with a PS5 SSD is essential.

Sony has confirmed that you will be able to expand your PS5’s storage with a compatible NVMe SSD. These are both the most advanced and priciest SSDs on the market right now. However, because the custom-designed PS5 SSD is even more advanced than the most high-end PCs, any storage expansion must also match in performance. For this reason, you will only be able to use an SSD for PS5 that has been specifically whitelisted as compatible by Sony.

Which is the best PS5 SSD?

Mark Carny discussing the power of the PS5 SSD.

Unfortunately, we can’t say what the best PS5 SSD is right now as none we know of are currently compatible with the PlayStation 5. Sure, there are plenty of excellent NVMe SSDs already available to buy, but Sony is yet to announce a whitelist of compatible components. It may be that currently none even exist, as Sony has confirmed SSD expansion is “reserved for a future update”.

It may be that Sony will partner with an SSD manufacturer such as Western Digital or Seagate to provide officially licensed and compatible NVMe SSDs for PlayStation 5. In fact, Western Digital had seemingly jumped the gun when it advertised that its WD Black SN850 would be PS5-compatible, though it has since retracted that information. Therefore, we don’t recommend you stock up early –  only to be disappointed later.

We’ll be sure to update this page as soon as Sony does confirm a list of PS5 compatible NVMe SSDs. You can also check out some of the best PS5 deals for offers on these SSDs as and when we see them.

What makes the PS5 SSD so good?

The PS5’s internal SSD operates at around 5.5GB/s bandwidth. This outstrips the performance of most NVMe SSDs right now, which is how it’s able to achieve lightning-fast loading times.

However, new PCIe 4.0 NVMe SSDs are coming that offer upwards of 7GB/s bandwidth, such as Western Digital’s SN850. Nonetheless, we would still hold off on making a purchase until Sony has officially confirmed its compatibility with PS5. These are also guaranteed to be expensive when they first launch. If you’re eager to get a 2TB drive, be prepared to spend as much as a whole other PS5 console!

What are the cheaper alternatives to SSDs for PS5?

A selection of our picks for the best PS4 external hard drive

One possible solution for managing your PS5 game library would be to transfer them to an external drive, such as a more affordable HDD. These would be kept in ‘cold storage’ that could be then be transferred back to your PS5’s internal SSD when needed, and would still be far quicker than having to download via the internet all over again. Unfortunately, it’s currently not possible to transfer PS5 games to an external drive. Sony has not stated whether or not this will change, although it is possible on Xbox Series X/S so that may encourage them to do so.

The only exception to this is for PS4 games. If you want to play backwards compatible PS4 games on your PS5 but save the internal storage for PS5 games, then it’s possible to play these via an external hard drive. Just be aware that you won’t be able to take advantage of the improved loading times if your PS4 game isn’t running on the PS5’s internal SSD.

If you’re looking to do that, you should check out our guide to the best PS4 external hard drives.

Sadly that’s about all we can say about expanding your SSD storage in the PS5 right now. As soon as we have any more updates from Sony or info on which SSDs are compatible with PS5 we’ll be back to update this page. While you’re here, though, why not check out the best PS5 controller charger you can buy right now!

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