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Best PS5 controller charger and DualSense charging station

Leaving your PS5 controller laying on the floor and hooked up to your console via a USB cable isn’t exactly the most elegant way to charge it. Instead, for a small investment, you can pick up a  PS5 controller charger to give yourself a better place to store and ensure your brand new DualSense is full of juice.

No longer will you leave the controller at risk of being kicked, knocked or damaged by accident. That’s definitely a good thing when you look a the price of a replacement DualSense or how hard it is to lock down any PS5 deals right now!

What is the best PS5 controller charger?

You’ll see that we’ve picked out the official PlayStation 5 DualSense Charging Station as our top PS5 controller charger, as it’s usually best to trust official accessories in most cases. That said, given the limited availability of this bit of kit, we’ve also highlighted a selection of trusted and well-made third-party controller chargers and charging stations for PS5 – some of which are considerably cheaper, too!

PlayStation 5 DualSense Charging Station

Sure, the official PlayStation 5 DualSense Charging Station looks the best with its minimalistic design, plus it holds the controllers comfortably and securely. It also needs to be plugged directly into a wall socket, so you won’t have cables spewing out from the front of your PS5.

The main problem is that it’s practically impossible to find any stock right now. It’s also the most expensive choice, so you may want to plump for one of the capable third-party options below instead. Some are so inexpensive that you might want to pick one up just to tide you over until stock levels are more reliable.

The official PlayStation 5 DualSense Charging Station

Venom PS5 Controller Docking Station

The Venom PS5 Controller Docking Station is less than half the price of the official version. It’s perfect for those who only have one controller, but there is a twin version if you do have two to charge at once. Either one comes with LED indicators to show if the controller is charging or fully charged.

Unlike the official charging station as well, this one includes a USB output on the rear so you can also charge other devices such as headsets, mobiles or power banks. On top of that, it charges through a USB cable, so you can plug it into any source – including your PS5 – to charge the controllers. If you want to charge from the mains, you’ll have to use (or buy) a separate wall adapter.

Small, inexpensive and from a trusted accessories manufacturer – what more could you ask for?

The Venom PS5 Controller Docking Station

Orzly PS5 Controller Charging Station

Once again, LED indicators on the front of the Orzly PS5 Controller Charging Station give you each controller’s charge status at a glance, while the USB-C socket on the rear means you can power the charger with a variety of sources aside from a standard AC adapter. Again, sadly, that’s sold separately, so through the PS5 is likely the easiest choice out the box.

Meanwhile, the USB-C adapters on the charger also mean it’s capable of charging other controllers, including Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch Pro Controller and Stadia.

Our only worry about this is that the position of the controllers while charging is a little unorthodox, so they could be loose and easily fall out accidentally. Nevertheless, Orzly is a well-known name in the world of gaming and electronics accessories, with a solid range of existing products such as cases, screen protectors and more that have earned our trust with their PS5 controller charger.

The Orzly PS5 Controller Charging Station

Gamory Controller Charger for PS5

We’ll finish up with the cheapest option: the Gamory Controller Charger for PS5.

This is most similar to the Orzly charger, with slots for two controllers to be charged at once and a front LED to monitor battery levels. It doesn’t have an extra USB connection, though, so this is purely for charging your PS5 controller.

Like all the other third-party options, you’ll get a USB charging cable included but no plug adapter so you’ll have to buy or supply your own for mains charging. It’ll draw power from your PS5 if plugged into that but obviously charging speed will be slightly reduced.

For the small price bump, we’d suggest getting the Orzly charging station instead, but if you want to save a few extra pennies for something that’ll do the job just as well, this is a decent choice. Gamory products are often cheap but still perfectly functional.

The Gamory Controller Charger for PS5

And that about covers it for our favourite PS5 controller charger – absolutely one of the most coveted PS5 accessories right now. Very soon, we should have an idea of what PS5 compatible SSDs you can buy if you’re looking to expand the storage capabilities of your new console. Little is known so far, but all we can guarantee is that it’ll be quite expensive. Never fear, you can stick with Jelly Deals for the best prices!

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