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Best Valentine’s Day Treats, Wines and Snack Gifts

If music be the food of love, then surely real food would be even better, right? That’s our theory at least, and sharing great food has been a lover’s tradition for as long as there have been lovers themselves.

We already covered making the most out of a romantic breakfast in our special guide for that, and here we’ll be covering all the best ways to indulge in snacks, deserts and special extras across the day, ranging from low-cost little treats to spectacular shows of affection. Here’s the best Valentine’s Day treats and gift snacks for your beloved.


Valentines day champagne gift guide

Let’s start with a classic: champagne and/or prosecco. Wine’s funner, fizzier cousin, and the drink that’s become as indelibly tied with celebration as coffee with mornings, or vodka with being arrested.

But which one to pick? There’s three options we found pretty notable – for those who have a bit more money to flex, nothing says celebration like a famed Veuve Clicquot Champagne: if you’re buying champers, it’ll probably end up being this one. Alternatively, a more affordable (but no less delicious) Italian Canti Prosecco can serve for a wonderful afternoon. Or why not double down on deliciousness with a Champagne Hamper, which comes with upmarket chocolate and biscuits for a fuller, richer experience.

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Chocolate Fountain

Valentines day chocolate gift guide

Chocolate says love, and a chocolate fountain says true love. Also love of chocolate. Surround it with fruit and marshmallows and all other manner of fun dipping treats to make a table centrepiece that can be enjoyed all day. And you’ll still have the fountain afterwards, just grab some more chocolate for a refill! The Giles & Posner Chocolate Fountain nicely splits the difference between price and quality, coming with a build in tray for all the dipping foods you can think of, and even comes with 100 cocktail skewers so you don’t have to get chocolate on your fingers. Though… there’s probably worse fates than that, come to think of it.

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Ice Cream/Sorbet

Valentines Day gifts guide ice cream sorbet maker

Strawberry or chocolate ice cream can be a superb rounding-out of any dinner, or just make for a great mid-afternoon snack to enjoy together. In fact, all flavours are good – and why not choose your own? Using an Ice Cream Maker Machine is a great way to spend time together, as well as getting to create your very own flavours along the way.

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Personalised Chocolate

When all else fails, a delicious bar of chocolate with that personal touch added can do a lot to help make people happy, and while it’s less of a flourish than a fountain, it’s certainly a lot easier to enjoy. Cadbury does a great line of Personalised Chocolate bars, as does Thorntons, allowing you to make your gift specific to the person you care about. Aww.

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Valentines Day red wine gift guide

God bless wine in all its forms – and lord, are they many. Still, we’ve narrowed it done to a solid selection of Valentine’s Day wines for you to try, with solid options in red, white and rosé. Chateauneuf-du-Pape is a solid red with fruity notes and a slightly smoky quality, the Boschendel Chenin Blanc has a fresh crispness to it, while the Chateau D’Esclans Whispering Angel rosé is touched by grapefruit and has an enjoyably sharp acidity behind its subtle flavours. Cheers!

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