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Playstation 5

Best PS5 deals: consoles, games, accessories and more

The PS5 is here… well, theoretically. It’s still been extremely difficult to get one of the elusive consoles, with stock issues causing consistent issues picking one up. So, where do you get a PS5? When you finally get one, where are the good accessories and game deals? We’ve compiled a list of all the outlets you’ll want to check for PlayStation 5 stock, plus all the best PS5 deals on games, accessories, bundles, and more.

There’s new stock dropping regularly throughout the year, so keep your eyes on this page for all the latest announcements. Hopefully, there’ll be more PS5 deals as the months go by – perhaps by the time this year’s PS5 Black Friday offers are upon us!

Whether you’re desperate to get a PS5, or looking for a fantastic game to try out on your new shiny console, we have everything you could possibly need to know about the PS5 right here.

Latest – According to PS5 Stock UK on TwitterPS5 stock is expected to drop this week at John Lewis, Very, Argos, Asda and Smyths Toys. Consoles should be available to buy from 3rd August, though this is not guaranteed and dates are subject to change. PS5 restocks at other stores will follow and you can check the table below for all rumoured drops.

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Key art for the PS5

Where can I order a PS5?

There are two options when it comes to ordering a PS5. You can get the PlayStation 5 Standard Edition, which allows for physical disks, or you can get the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition, which can only play digitally downloaded games. The Standard Edition costs £449.99/$499.99/€499.99, whereas the Digital Edition costs £359.99/$399.99/€399.99.

There are no bad options here – both are excellent, high-performing consoles, unlike the Xbox Series console which have spec differences. It’s a matter of personal preference. That said, the Digital Edition may make more sense if you’re already subscribed to PS Plus. Whereas, if you prefer the option to play physical games and not be stuck paying the (often very high) PSN Store prices, the Standard PS5 may be the better choice.

All of the retailers listed below have had PS5 stock at some point since launch. We’ll be continually updating this page as more news rolls in.

Retailer PS5 Console PS5 Digital Edition Console
Amazon UK Check stock Check stock
Game Check stock Check stock
Smyths Toys Stock soon Stock soon
John Lewis Stock soon
Argos Stock soon Stock soon
Very Stock soon Stock soon
Asda/George Stock soon
EE Check stock
Amazon US Check stock Check stock
Gamestop Check stock
Best Buy Check stock Check stock
Walmart Check stock Check stock
Target Check stock Check stock


Best PS5 game deals

A screenshot from Spider-Man Miles Morales on PS5

While the console is still steep, we’re already seeing some good discounts on PS5 games. The big-budget exclusive Demon’s Souls is still hard to find below full price, but there are plenty of other great PS5 deals to choose from on first and third-party releases.

If you’ve already got a big PS4 collection, remember that the PS5 is backwards compatible with almost all PS4 games. There are a few exceptions, though. You can see the full list of non-compatible PS4 games here.

UK PS5 Game Deals:

US PS5 Game Deals:

Best DualSense controller deals

An image of the PS5 DualSense controller

Integral to the high-tec glamour of the PS5 is the DualSense controller. It’s positively brimming with fancy features – adaptive triggers that can be programmed to resist your fingers, rumbly haptic feedback, a built-in microphone – all wrapped up in a sleek, futuristic design.

It should come as no surprise that discounts on this futuristic gadget are few and far between. Right now, there aren’t any sales on the DualSense, but we’ll keep an eye out!

UK DualSense Controller Deals:

US DualSense Controller Deals:

Best PS5 accessory deals

A selection of the official PS5 accessories

If you’re one of the privileged few who’ve managed to score a PS5, it’s only natural that you’d want to deck it out with as many toys and gadgets as possible.

There’s not much discounted at the moment – actually, there’s not much released at the moment – but here’s our selection of the best PS5 accessory deals. Of these, the official DualSense Charging Station can often be hard to track down, so do take a look at our picks for an alternative PS5 controller charger.

As for extra storage, we’re still awaiting Sony to confirm some PS5 compatible SSDs, but you can bring over or store your existing library of last-gen games with one of these PS4 external hard drives. That’ll save some space on the console’s limited internal storage!

UK Accessory Deals

US Accessory Deals

Best PS Plus deals

The PS Plus logo

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: the PS Plus is one of the best deals in gaming. It’ll give you access to online multiplayer, 100 GB of cloud storage, free games every month, and you can share those games with friends. On PS5, you also get access to the PlayStation Plus Collection, featuring some favourite and highly-rated PS4 exclusives.

If you own the digital edition of the PS5, you’d also do well to sign up for PS Now. PS Now is a gaming subscription service with over 700 PS2, PS3 and PS4 games in the library – a huge back catalogue to work through if you’re looking to spend some quality time with your PS5.

Do head over to our PS Plus deals page for even more offers!



A still from the PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition reveal video

What is the PlayStation 5?

The PS5 is Sony’s newest gaming console. Following the phenomenal success of the PS4, which has now sold over 100 million units, the PS5 is aiming to be newer, bigger, and better than any of its predecessors.

There are two versions of the PS5: the standard PS5 Console and the PS5 Digital Edition Console. There’s an in-depth comparison here, but to be brief, the latter doesn’t have a disc drive (similar to the Xbox One All-Digital Edition) so you’ll have to buy and play all your games digitally. It costs £150 / $150 less than the standard edition.

For a proper deep dive into the PS5, we’d strongly recommend you check out the Digital Foundry review, where Richard Leadbetter takes the new console apart with his characteristic insight. Spoiler alert: he liked it a lot. But in case you need one, here’s a quick bird’s eye view of the PS5.

PS5 specs and features

Perhaps the console’s standout introduction is its hard drive: an SSD that gives the hardware much faster load times and makes long loading screens a thing of the past. It was the one feature that the majority of developers requested when discussing next-gen hardware – and that was heard loud and clear.

It does create a new challenge for expandable storage, though, as you need to buy a particularly high spec NVMe SSD if you want to install more games onto your PS5. They don’t come cheap, which is why we’ll be compiling a list of the very best SSD deals for PS5 once we know which ones are compatible with the console.

Other PS5 features include a GPU that can support ray-tracing, while the new DualSense controller provides more immersive in-game feedback via tactile haptic feedback and an improved speaker. The controller also comes with a ‘Create’ button that serves a similar function to the ‘Share’ button.

Is the PS5 backwards compatible with PS4 and PS3 games?

PS4 games? Yes! You can download PS4 games from the PSN Store or insert your PS4 discs into the PS5 and they will be playable. A good idea might be to transfer your old games onto an external hard drive for PS4 and then you can play them on your PS5 from day one! So, with a few exceptions, the vast majority of PS4 games will work on the PS5. The old DualShock controller is also compatible with the PS5, but only for supported PS4 games.

As for PS3, PS2 and PS1 games? The answer is no. Versions that have since been updated for release on the PSN Store for PS4 could potentially work, but if you’re talking about your original discs and downloads, the answer is no.

That should just about wrap up everything for now in our bumper PS5 deals guide. Lots of information for you to digest there, we think! We’ll be keeping this page updated as more stock appears and more discounts are announced.

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