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World Book Day 2021: Best eReaders, Kindles and portable reading devices

With many of us spending most of our time at home at the moment, thousands around the world are really getting back into reading in a big way, enjoying classics of literature and modern hits alike. Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy all the benefits of recent technology. Bearing that in mind, to celebrate National Book Day 2021 we’ve laid out the best Kindle and Tablet eReaders, allowing you to bring whole libraries in your pocket on a budget cost. Read below to find what you need!

Of course, there’s going to be plenty more deals, pages and best-ofs coming in the next few days as part of our week-long celebration of World Book Day! Click the link to see what other deals you can find, or read on to find out the best options for eReaders!

Best Kindle eReader

Kindle Paperwhite eReader

For most people, the 8GB Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is the best option for those planning to get an Amazon eReader. Unless you’re planning on putting whole rooms of books into your Kindle, you probably won’t need more than that. It’s also well-priced, especially with features like being waterproof and Audible-compatible, all of which make it into a great purchase for any person looking to get a little more literary.

Best Budget eReader

Amazon Kindle standard model

Unless you’re buying second hand or refurbished, the cheapest eReader that won’t cut down on quality is the standard Kindle model. You can even get a version that’ll display ads for an extra £10 off the total price.

Fortunately, the Kindle is still a very good eReader for the asking price. The battery can last for weeks, it’s as Audible-compatible as its bigger siblings, and it’s even got the same 8GB memory as the Oasis. However, there are reductions in resolution, screen brightness, and it’s not waterproof by any stretch of the imagination, so enjoy some bathtime reading at your own risk!

Biggest Memory eReader

Kobo Forma eReader high memory

If you’re looking for sheer memory storage, enticed by the opportunity to carry whole libraries in your pocket, there’s actually two options: the Kobo Forma and the enhanced Kindle Oasis, which bumps the memory to a staggering 32GB. Considering the size of the average eBook, that means you’ll likely be able to carry over 20,000 books on a single device. Wow.

There’s advantages to both the Forma and the Oasis: Kobo have a system that allows you to borrow books online from your local library (which, depending on your location, could be very good indeed). Meanwhile, an Amazon Prime subscription includes thousands of books that readers can enjoy for free, though it’s by no means the majority of their million-plus collection. There’s also two versions of the Kindle, one that’s cheaper, and one that includes mobile data. You probably know which one is better for your lifestyle, though if you travel a lot and bring your eReader with you, mobile data could be very helpful.

Best Non-Amazon eReader

Kobo Libra eReader device

If you’re not interested in products by Amazon or tying yourself to Amazon Prime for your source of books, you’ve still got some good options! The best one is probably the Kobo Libra H20 – waterproof, 8GB memory, a huge battery life and no shortage of books to pick from, especially with Kobo’s aforementioned ability to tie to local libraries. It’s also fairly well-priced, though Kobo has cheaper options too.

Best eReader for Kids

Amazon Kindle Kids edition eReader

If you want to get your kids into reading, an eReader can be a good way to do it! There’s actually only one official eReader for kids on the market right now, the Kindle Kids Edition. It’s a modified Kindle with a free year of Amazon Kids+, a soft, kid-friendly cover, and special tools to help your childrens’ reading level increase, like Word Wise and Vocabulary Builder. It also won’t break the bank, reasonably priced by the standards of Kindles and eReaders alike.

Of course, there’s plenty more helpful advice for readers on Jelly Deals this week as celebrate reading and literature in all forms! We’ll be adding more all across the week, but check out our best picks for Marvel Comics here, or find out more advice on the Jelly Deals Twitter page!

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