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Where to buy all the Animal Crossing amiibo and amiibo cards

One excellent feature of Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the ability to add extra items or villagers to your island through the use of Animal Crossing amiibo and amiibo cards. All of these trinkets and collectables are compatible with the latest entry in the quaint life sim, so if you want to unlock everything the game has to offer you’ll want to know where you can buy them all.

Nintendo is doing its best to keep up with demand but the difficulty right now is tracking them all down. Given their popularity, it’s no surprise that specific amiibo and the Animal Crossing amiibo cards regularly fall out of stock. Know that it’s a vast collection that Tom Nook would be proud of hoarding, so getting everything could take some time.

Perhaps you’ve already gathered a few of these from previous games, but if you’re looking to complete your collection for cheap then we’ve gathered up all the places you can buy all the Animal Crossing amiibo and amiibo cards. For other related bits and bobs, you can also check out our page dedicated to all the best Animal Crossing gifts. Why not decorate your home or person with more cute goodies?

A photo of some Animal Crossing amiibo

Animal Crossing amiibo list

Let’s look at exactly what’s out there before we get started. In total, there are 16 different Animal Crossing amiibo that have been released so far. Additionally, there are two Super Smash Bros. variants for The Villager and Isabelle as well as a couple of special release bundles that contain more than one amiibo. The latter can offer some great value if you’re looking to buy more than one Animal Crossing amiibo at a time.

You can find them all listed below. Remember, prices and stock will fluctuate frequently, but we’ll do our best to keep this list as current as possible.

 Where to buy Animal Crossing amiibo

Where to buy Animal Crossing amiibo cards

Three of the Animal Crossing amiibo cards available to buy

Across four series, there have been 400 Animal Crossing amiibo cards released in total. In these sets, you’ll find a whole host of animal villagers who can take up residence in your town or drop by as special visitors. A special set of 50 Animal Crossing: New Leaf cards were also released that brought back many absent villagers.

As there are so many to collect, we’d definitely advise you using the online Animal Crossing catalogue to keep track of your collection. Even more so because the cards in each pack are random so it could take some time to gather a complete set. It’s a problem made even worse by the general lack of availability.

To help this, a few enterprising folks have taken to creating their own Animal Crossing amiibo cards. These unofficial cards function exactly the same as Nintendo’s own but are smaller, far cheaper and more widely available. Plus, hundreds of reviews show they work perfectly well so it could be a much easier way to build your collection.

Remember, though, that these are not produced or endorsed by Nintendo so if you run into any issues you’ll have to deal with the sellers directly to sort a refund or replacement. Understanding the demand, Nintendo may print more Animal Crossing amiibo card packs in the future if you’re willing to wait.

What do the Animal Crossing amiibo and amiibo cards unlock in New Horizons?

Essentially, the main feature of amiibo in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is to unlock those islanders in the new Photopia mode where they can be used as models in your own photoshoots.

As for the Animal Crossing amiibo cards, they will actually allow those characters you scan to be invited as residents to your island. It’s quite a way to grow the population – especially with the hundreds of amiibo cards that are available to collect!

For more info, our pals over at Eurogamer have a comprehensive guide on the Animal Crossing: New Horizons amiibo support. We’d encourage you to check that out for a more detailed breakdown of how and where they’re used in-game.

What if I can’t find the amiibo I’m looking for?

Don’t fret just yet. Considering that Nintendo has seen a surge in popularity for Animal Crossing amiibo and amiibo cards with last year’s Switch entry New Horizons, you can expect they’ll be looking to restock sold out figures as soon as possible. With the way amiibo are launched and re-released in batches, it should only be a matter of time until the next wave hit stores.

Patience is key, then. Unless you’re truly desperate, don’t be lulled into paying an extortionate amount for one amiibo just because it’s available right now. It may return to a reasonable price once a restock occurs. You could also find a good second-hand offer. Check back here regularly for all the latest news.

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