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The best screen protector for Nintendo Switch

Fingerprint smears, distracting scratches, accidental chips – all risks we want to avoid on our devices. Luckily, there are all sorts of screen protectors out there from different manufacturers, but which ones should you really consider buying for your Nintendo Switch? To save you from sifting through countless no-name brands and dirt-cheap options, we’ve highlighted a handful of the top Nintendo Switch screen protectors right here.

It’s worth picking up a screen protector for Nintendo Switch whether it’s for some added security from knocks and bumps while docked or to ensure it’s kept free of scratches and fingerprints while in handheld mode. You don’t want your lovely console ruined in a matter of minutes! All of our picks will do just that and keep your console screen safe for very little money at all.

Handily, as well, all of the manufacturers above have screen protectors that are compatible with the standard Switch or the smaller Switch Lite. Just follow the link to the console you own for separate purchase options. While here, you can also check out some more Nintendo Switch deals or the best Nintendo Switch accessories you can buy.

Hori Nintendo Switch Screen Protective Filter

The Hori Nintendo Switch screen protector box

Well-known video game accessory creator Hori has officially partnered with Nintendo to brings its very own Nintendo Switch screen protector to the market. Even though this is just a film-based screen protector, Hori boasts that this is one of the toughest ones around.

Hori guarantees a bubble-free and frustration-free application, so it offers a simple and effective way to give your Switch screen some added protection. Ultimately, if you’re after an easy solution that comes from a trustworthy company and carries the Nintendo seal of approval, this screen protector from Hori is well worth your cash.


Switch Lite:

Orzly Screen Protector for Nintendo Switch

A shot of the Orzly screen protectors next to a Nintendo Switch

Tempered glass protectors go far beyond the capabilities of film protectors. Made from (you guessed it) very carefully tempered glass, these offer much more protection from scratches, damage and breakages than regular film protectors. And because the company is already a big name in the world of mobile phone accessories, it’s very easy for us to recommend this Orzly screen protector for Nintendo Switch.

Orzly goes one step further, though, as it offers up not one but two Nintendo Switch screen protectors in one pack. Both are 0.24mm thick and promise not to interfere with your touchscreen shenanigans but it’s still able to resist scratches up to 9H hardness. That’s apparently ‘harder than a knife’ – a bold if entirely unnecessary claim, we’d say. It’s not like we’re off to slash up our Switch screens!

Anyway, this protector is also designed with rounded edges to ensure no awful sharp bits to catch your fingers on while playing and is cut to fit around the Switch’s essential components. On top of that, there’s a two-year manufacturer’s warranty for even more peace of mind.

All of this for the same price as the official one? Can’t argue with that.


Switch Lite:

amFilm Nintendo Switch Screen Protector

The amfilm screen protector applied to the Nintendo Switch

The amFilm Nintendo Switch Screen Protector is another great choice if you’re looking to keep your console safe from scratches and marks with tempered glass.

At around the same price as the Orzly, the only standout difference between the two is the fact that the amFilm protector is a little thicker at 0.33mm. That doesn’t mean you’ll experience any reduced responsiveness from the Switch touchscreen. However, you may notice slightly more of a protrusion on the surface of the console.

We’d go for the Orzly ones over this as past experience with the manufacturer’s other products have shown they are excellent quality and can always be trusted. Nevertheless, there’d be no strong arguments from us if you choose to pick the amFilm instead!


Switch Lite:

JETech Screen Protector for Nintendo Switch

The jetech screen protector box and screen protectors on a Nintendo Switch.

The cheapest Nintendo Switch screen protector on our list, this pair of tempered glass protectors from JETech is an ideal budget option.

Once again, you’re getting scratch-resistant and highly responsive ultra-clear screen protectors of 9H hardness. A useful extra is a set of guide stickers that assist with attaching the protector to your Switch screen. It makes the process a lot less fiddly and prevents your mitts from leaving any marks before the protector is applied.

Aside from that, there isn’t really much to differentiate it from the others outside of the thickness difference between the Orzly and its price.


Switch Lite:

ivoler Nintendo Switch Screen Protector

The ivolve screen protector box and four screen protectors next to a Nintendo Switch.

Lastly, for the ultimate value for money pick, you can always plump for the ivoler Nintendo Switch Screen Protector instead. This makes the cut simply because you’ll get four screen protectors for your money so it’s essentially the best deal of the lot.

Like many of our other picks, ivoler makes tempered glass protectors that are extremely durable and bubble-free. These ones come in at 0.33mm, which is slightly thicker than some other choices including the Orzly. However, this will not impact the responsiveness and functionality of the touchscreen.

This gets a spot even though we know a total of four screen protectors is most likely a bit much for some. However, if you really want to get the most bang for your buck or are a very frequent Switch user and want to swap protectors more frequently then this is the right one for you.


Switch Lite:

So, there you have it, a quintuple of screen protectors for Nintendo Switch that’ll ensure your console is able to withstand a whole lot of punishment and generally feel a bit more solid, without making your Switch feel cumbersome or look terrible. Once they’re applied, you should barely notice them, but they’ll be doing their defensive job all the same.

We don’t think there’s really going to be any massive changes in the world of screen protectors in the months to come, so these picks should be set for a good while yet. Nevertheless, if anything falls out of stock or we spot any better options, we’ll be back to update this list.

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