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Best office chairs for back pain

With so many of us working from home right now, building home offices or just trying to make the working offices we have more comfortable, you’ll want an office chair that prevents back pain and does everything possible to support you ergonomically as you work through the day. With that in mind, we’ve sorted out the best ergonomic office chairs to support your back without breaking your wallet.

Best ergonomic office chair

humanscale ergonomic office chair

For the best office chair altogether, you’ll have to get the Humanscale Diffrient World Chair. This thing isn’t too cheap, but it’s designed on every level to adapt and compensate for your posture and to support your back in every way. It’s also highly adjustable and comes in a variety of colours. It really is a suits-all-types kind of chair, and would make a fine addition to any office setup.

Best office chair for back pain

SIHOO ergonomic office chair

When it comes to chairs made ideal for lower back pain and sciatica, you’ll need something that gives your back and neck support and care accordingly. With all that in mind, there’s a ton of love for the SIHOO office chair, with a curving back that props up your spine in all the right places. It’s also adjustable enough to give you some flexibility in your posture, so you’ll be sorted whether you’re working through the day or relaxing after it.

Best office chair under £200/$200

Hbada executive ergonomic office chair

For those who are looking for a cheaper model of office chair, there’s a surprising amount of options available to you. The SIHOO listed above is a superb option, but if you’re a little less concerned about such an emphasis on back support, we’d say that the Hbada Executive office chair is a great grab. What you lose on a headrest you gain on a footrest, and the thick padding makes it comfortably enough to just sink into.

Best office chair under £100/$100

Conhoma ergonomic office chair

There’s actually a good selection of office chairs out there for under £100, though you’re unlikely to get all the bells, whistles and little technical flourishes that come with some more expensive models. Still, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a great piece of furniture with a proper back and ergonomic support. The COMHOMA office desk chair does that just fine, with a flexible mesh back, soft seat, and even easily-removable arms for extra flexibility in the office.

Alternatively, if you’re looking to buy in the US, the KLASIKA ergonomic office chair is a worthy purchase. This one is scraping the top of that $100 price cap, but it’s more than worth it, as this one is built for maximum comfort and back health, long term.

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