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Best Webcam for Mac users

Spending a lot of time connecting with friends online right now? You’re not the only one, and a solid webcam is the best way to make face-to-face contact with friends while not actually having to be face-to-face. Unfortunately, finding a good webcam that’s compatible with a solid Macbook or Apple laptop is easier said than done, so we’ve compiled this helpful list to help you find the best webcam for mac users, whether you’re on computers, laptops and more.

Best Mac webcam

Razer Kiyo best webcam

If you want the best possible webcam for a mac computer, that’s probably the Razer Kiyo. It’s got a great resolution, built-in microphone, automatically focuses to whatever it’s looking at, and easily adjusts for lighting with very little fuss or issue. This webcam was actually designed for streaming purposes, but frankly it’s such a good all-rounder that we can recommend it for any purpose you can think of.

Best cheap Mac webcam under $50/£50

Septekon best budget Webcam

If you’re looking for a well-priced budget mac webcam that won’t lose any of what makes such a device important, you’d do well to get the Septekon HD webcam. This one isn’t quite so flashy and robust as the Razer Kiyo, but it’s a quarter of the price and more than adequate for any tech setup.

Best Mac webcam for home offices

logitech C310 home office webcam

There’s a lot that can go into a good home office webcam, but one of the most important things is noise cancellation – flatmates, family, kids and pets all have their time to shine, and that time is not when you’re trying to talk marketing strategy and quarterly budget. Consequently the best option is probably the Logitech C310 HD Webcam. It’s not the most graphically potent camera on the market, but it’s more than fine for meetings and the built-in mic won’t pick up any outside noise beyond the person sitting in front of it.

Best Mac webcam for streaming

logitech streamcam best streaming webcam

If you’re planning on streaming for Twitch, Youtube or whoever, your own reactions can be a big part of it and how you engage with an audience. That means that the best streaming will have certain very important features – auto focus, variation between portrait and landscape, high video quality and frame rate. The Logitech StreamCam is specifically designed for that audience and does so better than pretty much any other webcam on the market, focusing on presenting the best possible version of you to a wide audience.

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