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Best bluetooth speaker under $100/£100

Setting up a good music system in your own home is fantastic, but sometimes what you want is portability! A good speaker can be carried in your bag, play your favourite songs wherever you go, or even be used to do big conference calls when hooked up to your phone. Or maybe you just like having your best audiobooks and podcasts follow you around the house!

Whichever the case, a good bluetooth speaker can be a fantastic addition to your phone and your entertainment system. We’ve outlined the best options for you just below, divided into all the important price categories.

Best bluetooth speaker under $100/£100

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2 bluetooth speaker

The inarguable king of well-priced portable music – the best bluetooth speaker under $100/£100 – is pretty much agreed by most to be the Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2. It’s got a great battery life, 360 degree sound projection, it’s completely waterproof, and getting two of them can allow you to specially pair them up for stereo-projection. It’s just… ideal, really, though we’d say it’s most suited to beach parties and similar outdoor celebrations for its durability, long life, and omni-directional aspect. It’s pretty reasonably priced considering, and if you want the best option without breaking the bank, this one is it.

Best bluetooth speaker under $50/£50

Tribit stormbox wireless speakers

Appropriately enough, our second pick feels like a slightly paired-down version of the Wonderboom 2. The Tribit StormBox Micro speaker is a superbly small and maneuverable speaker that emphasises sound quality over all else, with a resonant, bass-laden quality that’s a great surprise from such a tiny tech. It’s battery isn’t quite so spectacular, but ten hours will last you through most parties and working days well enough, so we can’t exactly call it a weakness of the model. Grab one of these and you won’t be missing out on anything.

Best bluetooth speaker under $25/£25

Xleader SoundAngel 3rd Gen wireless bluetooth speaker

Now we’re getting into the speakers that aren’t quite so grand, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be great value and do the job right. With that in mind, you’d do well to order the XLEADER 3rd Generation SoundAngel. It’s waterproof with smart touch controls and a startlingly good battery life. It’s not the most resonant speaker in the world, but it’s perfect for around-the-house use or small gatherings of friends.

Best bluetooth speaker over $100/£100

JBL Xtreme 2 bluetooth wireless speaker

So if you’re looking to splash out a little bit more and truly get the best in portable audio engineering, the best out there that we could find would be the JBL Xtreme 2, a big, sturdy waterproof speaker that can blast sound anywhere, any time. It’s not especially small, but it’s a fantastic party speaker that can suffer spilt drinks and continue to thunder out everybody’s favourite anthems for hours on end.

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