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Best Xbox Series X headsets

Two of the best parts of good gaming are immersion and playing with friends – and a good quality headset can do a lot to improve both! And with the new Xbox generation doing a lot to improve on both accounts, it’s important to find the best tech possible to accentuate that. For that reason, we’ve put together this list of the best Xbox Series X headsets (and yes, they’ll work with the Xbox Series S too).

Best Xbox Series X headset

Fnatic React best xbox series x gaming headset

So the best headset overall might very well be the superb official model – and we’ll discuss that momentarily – but if you’re looking for an alternative, the best Xbox Series X headset would be the Fnatic React+ headset. It’s designed for eSports in particular and that shows perfectly in their function. The sound is directional and precise, you can change audio settings through the headset itself, they’re comfortable to wear and the mic picks up your voice clearly for quick communication.

Official Xbox Series X headset

Best xbox series x headset official

Let’s be frank: if you’re planning on getting the best possible headset for your Xbox Series X, that’s the official headset. It’s specifically designed for the console and comes packed with features to make the most of it. The sound is incredible, it wirelessly hooks up to the console, can be hugely customised via the Xbox Accessories app, and the mic isolates out all the noise that isn’t you speaking directly to your friends. Whatever you need from a headset, this will provide nicely.


Best budget Xbox Series X headset

best xbox series x headset orzly

If you’re looking to get something a lot more affordable, that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality. Taking that into consideration, we’d push you to get the Orzly gaming headset, a staple of gaming setups the world over, as it’s compatible with just about every console and PC you can find (meaning you can also use it for any others you happen to have). It’s comfortable to wear, has a great sound quality, broadcasts your voice well and has the same noise-cancelling tech as the official model. It could be twice the price and still be great value.

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