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Best Nintendo Switch accessories

A Nintendo Switch is great, but the annoying truth is that you’re not getting the most out of it without certain special accessories and extras. Ways to protect your beloved console, to keep it powered up, enhance the way you play and experience your favourite games. With that in mind, we’ve laid out all the best Nintendo Switch accessories for you to check out, pick from, and get the best prices on them too!

Best Nintendo Switch power pack

best switch power bank accessories

First thing’s first – a good Switch’s best asset is its portability, the fact that you can bring it anywhere! Right up until the battery sputters out, which is always quicker than you wish it was. A good power pack can keep your Switch running for hours afterwards, or even serve as a means to keep all your other phones and gadgets powered besides. With that in mind, we suggest the Anker PowerCore 20100, which balances all the best qualities of a power bank for a good price besides. Of course, if you want more options, check out our full page on power banks right here!

Best Nintendo Switch pro controller

best switch pro controller accessories

Next we get to the matter of a great controller. The best Switch pro controllers will completely change the way you play – they’re ergonomically designed, have a more traditional button layout, and tend to work better for high-intensity or precision games like Smash Bros or any FPS, even when compared to the Joy-Cons in their standard housing attachment. Honestly, there’s no better Switch pro controller than the official Nintendo model. It’s not cheap, but if you’re committed to getting the perfect controller, this is the model. Of course, we’ve also got some cheaper alternatives listed here, so take a look at those too!

Best Nintendo Switch carry case

Best Switch accessories orzly carry case

Switches are… fragile. They’re wide, flat constructs that almost feel perfectly designed to snap down the middle. The whole front of them is glass, and they’re flanked by Joy-Cons in thin plastic holders that need to be treated with care if they’re going to last. Clearly this can be improved, especially when half the point is carrying them around everywhere. A good carry case will keep your baby safe, and the best Switch carry case is the Orzly one. Orzly’s specialty is console accessories and enhancements, so they know what they’re doing – it’s well priced, will keep your Switch safe from all but the worst accidents, and has space to hold all the extra games and accessories you want to take with you.

Best Nintendo Switch screen protector

Best Nintendo Switch accessories

Speaking of the big glass screen, that needs its own protection. Scratches and scuffs can really hamper the pleasure of handheld play, let along how frustrating it is to see a crack running down it. A good screen protector will keep it safe, and honestly the best one out there is the one jointly-made by Hori and Nintendo itself. It doesn’t leave bubbles and it’s easy to apply, so it’s pretty much the best on market overall. Alternatively, you can always check the page we put together on it, which accommodates for all variations and prices!

Best Nintendo Switch memory SD card

best switch accessories sd card

Ah, this might be the big one. Depending on what games you want, a standard Switch might only hold two or three games before you start having to delete and download to preserve memory. You can do better – grab an SD card and slot it into the console for a massive memory increase, allowing you to store up to dozens of games on your console all at once. While more memory is always theoretically better, there comes a point where you probably won’t need more, and any deletions you have to make will be far and few between. This SanDisk 200GB Micro SD card should be more than enough, and it’s pretty fairly priced for the size too! Grab it below, or check out our comprehensive page on SD cards for a wider selection!

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