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Best Nintendo Switch case to protect your console in 2021

The Nintendo Switch is a portable console, but you don’t want to risk taking it outside without protection! Even if it’s a Nintendo system, the Switch is a delicate electronic, and you don’t want to risk scratches and dings in your bag, nor do you want to drop it. You’ll want to protect your Switch with a case, and we’ve got you covered. We’ve rounded up seven of the best Nintendo Switch cases below!

Oh, and also, you can also pair these with any of our picks for the best Nintendo Switch screen protector and other Nintendo Switch accessories to make sure you have everything you need.

Nintendo Switch Slim Tough Pouch

The Hori Nintendo Switch case

Want some officially licensed protection? The Nintendo Switch Slim Tough Pouch is made by Hori, which is licensed by Nintendo to make a lot of their accessories. So you know it’s going to be quality!

This is a semi-hard case meant to not take up a lot of room in your bag or purse. You can also hold up to 10 games, and there’s a pocket for extra accessories–but since this is a slim case for Nintendo Switch, don’t expect to hold much beyond a pair of earbuds or charging wires.


Switch Lite:

Orzly Nintendo Switch Carry Case

Nintendo Switch orzly carry case

If you’re looking for a case that offers everything you need without being huge, Orzly’s carrying case is a great bet for a low price. This is a hardshell case that will protect your Switch from any majors falls and whatever else may happen while out and about.

With room for eight Switch carts and two extra pockets, you’ll be able to store your Switch power bank and everything else you need. Not to mention the free screen protector! Available in a variety of colours, this is the best hardshell case to pick up for your handheld.


Switch Lite:

PowerA Everywhere Messenger Bag

The PowerA Nintendo Switch messenger bag

If you want to store everything (and I mean everything), you might want to consider the PowerA Messenger Bag. This can easily store your Switch, the dock, and extra controllers and other accessories. If you take your console out of the home to set up at others’ houses a lot, this will be an ideal Nintendo Switch case for you.

If you want, you can also get the messenger bag, but that’s a lot of extra space you don’t need if you’re not lugging around a dock and controllers. It’s probably better to get something like the slim case above and use a normal messenger bag instead.

Switch and Switch Lite:

JETech Protective Case

The Jetech Nintendo Switch case shell

If you’re not planning on taking your Switch outside, you don’t really need a travel case like most of the products on this list. However, both the Switch and Switch Lite are pretty thin, and getting a case that gives you a bit more of a grip can help when playing in handheld mode.

On top of that, JETech’s case can shield your handheld from shocks and drops, which is helpful inside and outside the house!


Switch Lite:

Funlab/PALPOW Leather Carrying Case

The Palpow Nintendo Switch case with Snorlax design

Who doesn’t want to pull out a Snorlax Nintendo Switch case that looks like a super-cute clutch bag? Made by Funlab and PALPOW, this slim, leather carrying case lets you make a statement while protecting your Switch or Switch Lite from harm.

The case can also hold 5 additional carts, which is less than the usual amount for these cases, but do you really need more? It’s the price you pay for beauty, I suppose!


Switch Lite:

Daydayup Nintendo Switch Accessory Bundle

The Daydayup Nintendo Switch Case

If you really want to have a bunch of physical games with you at once, you might want to look into Daydayup’s Nintendo Switch case. You can hold 20 Switch carts in this case, which for its size, is pretty impressive! The case isn’t exactly a messenger bag, after all. The big top pocket has enough room for an extra pair of Joy-Cons and the charging brick, too!

This is an accessory bundle, though, and you’ll get more than a case with this purchase. You’ll also get Joy-Con analog stick grips (with paw prints, so cute!), screen protectors, and a transparent shell to encase your Switch. It’s a pretty darn good deal!


Switch Lite:

Tomtoc Slim Nintendo Switch Case

The Tomtoc Nintendo Switch case

I really like the Tomtoc Nintendo Switch cases – they’re actually the ones I use for my Switch and Switch Lite! This is a hardshell case that is slim and protects the analog and buttons with the way the case is crafted. No worries about damage from the console jostling around!

Both the Switch and Switch Lite have a bunch of different styles available, too, from cases that match your colour scheme to wild ones like the Moon-themed case. You can hold 10 games in the Switch case, and 8 in the Switch Lite case.


Switch Lite:

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