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The best Monster Hunter gifts and merch for the hunter in your life

Monster Hunter Rise has just released, so you know what that means–time for a fresh line of Monster Hunter gifts and merch for fans! The series has really gotten a boost in popularity with Monster Hunter World, and Rise looks to be even better! So celebrate your love for the series with some nice swag that you can show off. No carving needed!

Monster Hunter Rise Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

Monster Hunter Rise Nintendo Switch Pro controller box

There haven’t been a lot of different Switch Pro Controllers to choose from, but for the Monster Hunter fan, that doesn’t matter because there’s the Monster Hunter Rise limited edition controller! This Pro Controller has a nice gold pattern on it, and let’s face it, you’ll probably want to use a Pro controller over the Joy-Cons for Rise anyway. So, might as well get a controller that matches what might be your new favourite game!

S.H.MonsterArts Monster Hunter Rathalos Statue

The S.H.MonsterArts Monster Hunter Rathalos Statue

I bought this statue for my partner, who is a huge Monster Hunter fan. Let me tell you, it’s really cool. This is a really detailed statue of Rathalos, and it’ll look perfect on your shelf. It’s a bit expensive, but it’s worth the money if you’re after a Monster Hunter gift for a statue and figurine collector.

Velkhana Hunter Hoodie

The front and back of the fangamer Velkana Monster Hunter hoodie

Fangamer just released some new merchandise in celebration of Monster Hunter Rise’s release, and I think the best of the new bunch is this really cool Valkhana hoodie! It’s a really nice blue colour, with a neat graphic of the Iceborne dragon on the back. Fangamer makes some quality goods, too. Check it out!

Monster Hunter Wooden Tankard Mug

A front and back view of the wooden Monster Hunter tankard

Another Fangamer item, you can eat and drink as well as your Hunter does with this super awesome wooden tankard mug! Well, maybe not eat as well. They eat A LOT. But this mug looks a lot like the ones used in the games, and better yet, has a steel lining that is removable, making the mug easy to clean. A lot of fan mugs seem to forget about the whole cleaning part! There’s a restock coming soon so make sure to add it to your wishlist!

Monster Hunter Bottle Opener “Sword”

A bottle opener in the shape of a greatsword weapon from Monster Hunter

Bottle opener merch is always cool, in my opinion. Not only do they show off your fandom, but they have a practical purpose, too! This Monster Hunter bottle opener is in the shape of one of the game’s many swords, and… well, it opens bottles. Sorry, US friends–this one’s only in Europe right now.

Monster Hunter Illustrations

The cover art of the Monster Hunter Illustrations 3 art book

Love artbooks? Then you’ll adore the Monster Hunter Illustrations artbooks. See concept art of monsters, NPCs, and armour sets with these neat books! There are three books in the collection, with Illustrations 3 being a recent localization and release. The first two are currently sold out, but they’re planning a restock in the near future. But, Illustrations 3 is available to buy right now and would make an excellent gift for any Monster Hunter fan!

Palico Fleece Cap

The Monster Hunter Palico hat laying down

Okay, this hat is cute. It’s a Palico and you have floppy ears to go with it! It’s not the Palico’s ears, but the important part is your ears will stay warm. Perfect for cold climates, so just if you get cold a lot. Cold ears are the worst!

Gumstyle Monster Hunter Canvas Backpack

A brown backpack with subtle Monster Hunter logo on the top flap.

If you want something that’s simultaneously more hunter-like and more subtle to show your love for the series, then this canvas backpack is perfect. It can hold everything you need while out and about and has a nice logo on the top flap. It’s something Monster Hunter fans would recognize, but not stand out as geek gear to those not in the know. My favourite type of fan gear, essentially!

It’s currently out of stock in the UK, but it looks like it may come back soon!

Monster Hunter Diabolos Chibi Plush

The Monster Hunter Diablos chibi plushie

No merchandise round-up is complete without a cute plushie! This Diabolos Chibi Plush has the distinct advantage of being the only Monster Hunter plush available at both the US and European Capcom stores. For good reason, too–this little guy is super adorable and huggable! Other MH plushies are in various forms of stock and up for pre-order in other storefronts, but Diabolos here should be one of your first plushie purchases.

That’s about all the Monster Hunter gifts we’ve got for you right now! Playing Monster Hunter Rise online? Make sure you get the best deals on Nintendo Switch Online so you can play with friends! Don’t forget a Nintendo Switch headset either so you can tell your party you’ve been rolled over by a Barroth.

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