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Pre-order a First 4 Figures Kirby statue that dances and twirls today

You might be able to tell that I like First 4 Figures by now, but seriously, you can’t miss out on this Kirby statue. It’s too cute to ignore.

I mean, just look at it! This First 4 Figures Kirby statue is exceptional. This is simply a nice, big statue of the nice, big pink puff. I can’t stop smiling when looking at it! It’s just that cute!

It’s so cute, and I know you feel compelled to pre-order it. Well, good news, as Early Bird pre-orders are live for the adorable little guy today.

At First 4 Figures, you’ll be able to get the Exclusive Edition of the statue, which has some neat additional effects going on. First off, Kirby twirls. He TWIRLS. That should be more than enough right there! But that’s not all. There’s also a touch sensor that will play the goal music too. It’s so cute. I can’t.

If you want to get the Exclusive Edition of the Kirby Goal Door statue, head on over to First 4 Figures. You can save $10 with an Early Bird pre-order!

You may not want touch-activated twirling and music, though–I understand, I have a cat, and that may be a recipe for disaster. In that case, there’s a standard version of the statue that’ll cost a little less. It’s about $15 in savings, so I think more people will get value out of the Exclusive Edition, but if you need to save a few dollars (and your pets’ sanity), grabbing your preorder from Big Bad Toy Store is the way to go.

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