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Best lawnmower 2021 including cordless, electric, petrol and robot mowers that cut the grass for you

There’s nothing quite like the smell of freshly cut grass and the satisfaction of a neat and tidy lawn. But whether or not you actually enjoy cutting the grass is a different thing entirely. If your lawnmower is causing you more stress than its worth, or you’re buying one for the first time, you might be scratching your head wondering which lawn mower is best for you. To help you decide, we’ve sourced some of the best lawn mowers in 2021, including everything from electric lawn mowers to robotic ones.

Cordless lawnmowers such as the WORX WG927E or Yard Force 40V are ideal if you don’t want the stress of getting tangled up in cables. Electric rotary lawn mowers such as the Flymo Speedi-Mo or Bosch Rotak, or petrol lawnmowers (which some may argue, aren’t neccessarily great for the environment) like the Webb Classic are also ideal for tackling an overgrown garden. A ride-on mower is probably the ultimate suburban dream but they can easily be upwards of £1000. Even if you buy pre-owned, including the highly sought after Husqvarna models- you’ll need to be prepared to crack open your wallet.

Using any of the above can also depend on whether you have the time and energy. Not to mention the storage space to stow it away. If you tend to put off cutting the grass because you’re too busy or can’t be bothered to push the lawnmower up and down your garden, you might want to consider a robotic lawnmower. Robot mowers can cut the grass for you at the push of a button. They also let you spend your free time relaxing in the garden rather than working in it.

Although they can be pricier than a standard electric or petrol lawnmower, the hassle-free and stress-free benefits of owning such a device is probably worth the splurge. Here we’ve rounded up some of the best robot lawn mowers in 2021 so that you can make the most of your summer and take pride in your garden without having to worry about the grass.

Flymo EasiLife 250 GO

Compact and quiet, the Flymo EasiLife 250 GO automatically cuts up to 250 square metres- ideal for small to medium sized gardens and there are other models to cover wider areas. This robotic lawnmower can manouvre up slopes, uses sensors to automatically adapt its schedule based on the weather and its intelligent guide wire lets it know where to cut even return back to its charging station by itself.

It’s got an easy-to-use interface and can also be fully controlled via your smartphone. The robotic lawn mower’s cutting height is between 20-50mm (2-5cm). You don’t even need to dispose of the grass clippings as this Flymo lawn mower returns them as it cuts, which can help to promote a healthier lawn.

Worx Landroid

This robotic lawn mower can cut up to 300 square metres and claims to cut grass 30 percent faster than other lawn mowers, thanks to its agile turning pattern. It boasts an adjustable cutting height of 2-5cm, and intelligent navigation techonology so it always knows where it’s going and consistently maintains a neat and tidy lawn.

Simple and easy to use, the WORX lawn mower comes pre-scheduled so you can simply plug it in and let it get to work. If you want to customise the settings, you can simply modify them via the app. It’s currently 27 percent off , meaning you can save £150 on this model.

Yard Force Compact 280R

The Yard Force Compact 280R can cover an area of up to 280 square metres- an ample range for small to medium sized gardens. You can choose from three easy to adjust cutting settings ranging from 20-55mm for a neat and even finish.

Its stand-out feature is the iRadar technology- an active safety ultrasonic sensor which helps the robot lawn mower avoid obstacles, handle inclines of up to 30% and manage sharp corners. If it starts to rain, the battery-operated Yard Force robot lawn mower will use its sensor to detect it, and automatically return to its charging station. There’s currently a small discount saving you £8.93.

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