Happy Valentitans Day – Pick up a copy of Attack on Titan for £22.49

What better way to say ‘I love you’ on Valentine’s Day than buying a copy of a game about giant naked humanoid monsters who eat people? 365 Games is letting customers take 10% off their purchases today by using the code LOVE during checkout, an offer which will make Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom cheaper than ever on Xbox One or PS4.

Overwatch is down to £32.99 on consoles at the moment

Not the cheapest the game has ever been available for but one of the lower price we’ve seen this year, the console version of Overwatch is currently reduced down to £32.99 at Amazon UK. If you’ve been looking for an Xbox One or PS4 copy, this is the best price the game has been in months.

Dishonored 2 down to £22.99 on consoles, the cheapest price yet

Dishonored 2 made it so store shelves near the end of last year and was a welcome return for the whale-oil powered steampunk influenced stealth murder sim that was the Dishonored franchise. It’s currently down to its cheapest price yet on consoles – £22.99 on both Xbox One and PS4 – over at Amazon UK right now, in case you missed it.

Best Nintendo Switch Game Deals

Buying a Nintendo Switch at launch? You’re going to want to get a couple of games to go with it and why pay full price when you can make sure you’re always getting the best deal. Zelda: Breath of the Wild for £45, Super Bomberman R for £39, Mario Kart 8 for £42. All these and more in this, our guide to the best Nintendo Switch game deals.

The Best Accessories for Xbox One – February 2017

The Xbox One has an absolute plethora of accessories, gadgets and extras available in order to flesh out the gaming experience. This is, after all, the console that initially came with a Kinect in the box too. If you happen to be an Xbox One owner, you have a lot of options but which are the best accessories for Xbox One right now? Here’s our guide.