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2018 Deals

The best games of 2018 (so far)

It’s been quite the year for gaming and we’re not even halfway through. Between long-awaited So if you’ve fallen behind on some of this year’s biggest successes, don’t panic, because here at Jelly Deals we’ve rounded up some of the best games of 2018 so far.

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Reading List: The best new books for May 2018

Ah, May, also known as The One With all the Bank Holidays, the perfect time to kick that reading habit up a gear. In this feature we’ll be bringing you a monthly round-up of essential reading and new releases, aiming to shake you out of your literary comfort zone with a colourful parade of the best the book world has to offer, all guaranteed to make you at least 50% more interesting at parties.

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Best tablets for kids in 2018

In our increasingly connected age, it makes sense to acquaint kids with technology as soon as possible. To that end, picking up a tablet is probably the best starting point. Their touchscreen interface makes them easy to use and they can be filled with tons of apps that can both entertain and educate the tots in your life.

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The best gaming headset in 2019

Although games seem to be on an eternal quest for the highest visual fidelity (what are we up to, like 8K now? 10K?) there’s no overstating how important audio is to our favourite gaming experiences too. Whether it’s something as grand as a powerful and awe-inspiring score we want to envelop us, or a need to detect a much smallest detail such as footsteps creeping around the corner, a good gaming headset is vital. From big-budget options to those of you looking to get the best value for your money, we’ve gathered together five of the best available this year.

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