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The 15 best Nendoroid figures available in 2018

Nendoroids are small figures made by Good Smile Company based on various characters from anime, TV, movies and gaming. They’re also absolutely adorable and remarkably poseable. Any recognisable pop culture figure can have its own cute chibi Nendoroid made of it. Here’s our roundup of the 15 best Nendoroids you can spend real money on right now.

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Best Suicide Squad gifts and merchandise: Costumes, figurines, homewares. and more

One of 2016’s most successful movies, the star-studded Suicide Squad film grossed over $700 million worldwide. It followed an ensemble cast of DC villains such as inveterate trickster Joker (last seen in the Dark Knight) and psycho pop muffin Harley Quinn, who join forces to tackle a sinister force. Let’s take a gander at the finest Suicide Squad merchandise that the internet’s yielded thus far.

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Play-Asia has a range of limited edition Figma figures available this week

If you’re the kind of person who has a soft spot for action figures or statues of your favourite pop culture characters, you’ll most likely know the figurines that emerge under the Figma brand. Each of these figures is intensely detailed, comes with a range of accessories and replacement parts and usually depicts a super recognisable figure from gaming, TV, anime or movies. In short, they’re awesome, and Play-Asia is currently taking orders for a bunch of limited versions.

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