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Where to buy all the Animal Crossing amiibo and amiibo cards

One excellent feature of Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the ability to add extra items or villagers to your island through the use of Animal Crossing amiibo and amiibo cards. All of these trinkets and collectables are compatible with the latest entry in the quaint life sim, so if you want to unlock everything the game has to offer you’ll want to know where you can buy them all.

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The best amiibo deals and prices for all amiibo figures

The world of amiibo! What began as a limited range of figures based on Nintendo characters has grown into a massive array of collectables representing a wide range of Nintendo franchises. Everything from Animal Crossing to Smash Bros and with some indie gems like Shovel Knight in between. Here are the best amiibo deals on all available figures right now.

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The Ocarina of Time Link amiibo is back in stock at Nintendo’s UK store

The much-sought-after and increasingly elusive Link amiibo from Ocarina of Time is finally back in stock over at Nintendo’s official UK store, priced at an incredibly reasonable £10.99. Given that this figure sells out quickly and routinely goes for upwards of £90 on eBay, you may want to grab this one while you can. Be sure to check our guide to the best amiibo deals while you’re there, too.

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The Ocarina of Time Link amiibo is back in stock, if you’re quick

Play-Asia has today come into some stock of the hugely elusive Ocarina of Time amiibo and better yet, the site isn’t gouging the price too bad. You can pick up that particular amiibo for £20.91 / $26.99, or go ahead and check out the site’s range of other Link amiibo on offer. These amiibo have been largely sold out since their release and prices on eBay have climbed as high as £100 / $120 recently.

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Japan-only Monster Hunter Stories amiibo figures down to £7.91 / $9.99 for one day only

For roughly the next 24 hours, you can grab yourself one of three extra special looking Monster Hunter Stories amiibo figures – each featuring a rider and monster combo – for only £7.94 / $9.99 per figure. After the time is up, they’ll go back to their regular prices. If you’re an avid amiibo collector, you should probably also head over to our dedicated page on the best amiibo deals around, which is remarkably helpful for this kind of thing.

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