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Don’t get Snared: Legendary Japanese arcade drummin’ game Taiko No Tatsujin comes to PS4 with new controller

If you’ve ever played in a video game arcade around the Asian region, you’ve probably seen, or had a shot at, Taiko No Tatsujin. The legendary rhythm game is finally available on the PS4, with a new advanced drum controller for a full-fledged arcade experience. You can grab over at PlayAsia, where it’ll ship world-wide and also works on all Playstation 4 systems. It’s cute, insanely fun and has all the hallmarks of psychedelic insanity we’ve come to expect from Japanese arcade games.

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Practice Your Hadouken – Street Fighter V Steelbook On Sale

It’s been a few months since Street Fighter V launched on PlayStation 4 and PC and the game continues to get add-ons and updates from Capcom almost every other week. If you’ve been wanting to give this one a go, but you’ve been waiting for more content to be released for it, now might be a good time to jump in, since you can pick up the GAME Exclusive Steelbook Special Edition of the game on PS4 for only £34.99 right now.

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