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The 20 best editions of Monopoly for niche board game nights

Monopoly! There’s no better board game you can play with your friends and/or family when you want to spend a good few hours locked in a bitter class struggle until one person eventually emerges as both tycoon and victor – and thus, capitalism! There have been a huge array of editions of Monopoly through the years, as it pioneered the licensed board game genre. Let’s take a glance at the best Monopoly editions out there, with a list of twenty of them.

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All hail Queen Dogmeat and other curious things about Fallout Chess – now available at ThinkGeek

ThinkGeek exclusive Fallout Chess features both the goodies and baddies of the post-apocalytic world in unusual “holographic” style pieces. Take over the wasteland as part of either the Raider or Vault Dweller faction. Lovely Dogmeat’s the Queen on the light side, and a mutant DeathClaw is the Queen on the evil faction. Which side will you play? ThinkGeek is a US site but does ship the UK.

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Rad-ical cash ventures: Save £8.74 on Monopoly — Fallout Edition with voucher

You can save 16% on the apocalyptic Monopoly: Fallout Edition, plus an additional 15% with voucher PLAY (just enter at checkout), making the total price just over £20. Picked by the Overseer to venture outside the safe confines of the vault and into the Wasteland, you must buy, sell and trade your way to glory, whilst determining the fate of mankind in the wake of a nuclear holocaust. Perfect for getting in that Christmas mood.

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