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The truth is out there: Grab the entirety of the X-Files on DVD (plus movies) for just over £30 (56% off!)

Cult phenomenon the X-Files is now available in over at Zavvi for £32.99. You’ll get all nine seasons plus the two movies. Following the cosmic exploits of the infamous Mulder and Sculley, one who wants nothing more than to believe, the other a hardened skeptic, the show looks at a range of surreal unsolved cases. If you’ve ever had an interest in aliens, government conspiracies, the paranormal, and cryptozoology, the X-Files is worth a look!

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Hasta La Vista, Baby: Grab 25% off the Terminator 1-4 Blu-ray box-set

Packed with all the classic Terminator films running from the cult-tastic first  to 2009’s Salvation, this box-set guarantees many hours of strange killer robot based fun-times. You can grab 25% off it currently at Tesco. Additionally, there’s a  bunch of mini features on the making of the films and the legendary special effects, so it’s sure to keep any fans of the ruthless cyborgs satisfied.

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