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The Nemesis 3 bundle is live at Bundle Stars, featuring up to 15 games for £9

Bundle Stars has put together the ‘Nemesis Bundle 3‘. Unsurprisingly, this is the third iteration of the ‘Nemesis’ bundle, which collects a whole batch of games with a penchant for a little bit of the old ultra-violence. Similarly to Humble, this one is structured in a ‘pay more, get more’ format, starting from 89p / $1. To get the whole lot you’ll have to throw down £8.89 / $9.99, which will get you fifteen games total.

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The horror, the horror… – Bundle Stars’ Demon Bundle, up to 15 games from £1.49 / $1.49

Bundle Stars’ latest, well…bundle, is of the seasonally appropriate horror variety. You can get your hands on up to fifteen PC horror games over three pricing tiers. The more you pay, (up to £6.39 / $6.39 max) the more of the games you’ll get access to. Even for £1.49, you’re getting access to Kholat & Lucius II, as well as chilling puzzle adventure Silence of the Sleep. Check it out, if you dare.

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