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The 15 best Nendoroid figures available in 2018

Nendoroids are small figures made by Good Smile Company based on various characters from anime, TV, movies and gaming. They’re also absolutely adorable and remarkably poseable. Any recognisable pop culture figure can have its own cute chibi Nendoroid made of it. Here’s our roundup of the 15 best Nendoroids you can spend real money on right now.

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Nab a Demon themed gaming loot crate just in time for Halloween

Lootcrate, who do monthly subscription boxes that tend to an array of geeky interests, are releasing a demon themed crate this month as part of it’s LootGaming series. Worth over $60, you’ll get some Doom themed shotgun shell mini glasses and themed item, on top of the 4-6 items already included in the crate. Merchandise, apparel, gear and collectables from the Elder Scrolls, Dungeons and Dragons, Doom and Diablo series will feature. Get your order in here before the 27th of October, and prepare yourself for an unexpected treat! You can order from as low as one box, although be warned, you’ll likely want one every month.

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Own your own piece of Dark Souls lore with these official replica rings

Are you a Dark Souls fan? Have you ever wanted to have a piece of that game’s universe for your own to keep, or, let’s say, wear? You’re in luck – First4Figures has put the work in to create incredibly high-quality replicas of three pieces of iconic Dark Souls jewellery. Specifically, the Ring of Steel Protection, the Silvercat Ring and, last but not least, Havel’s Ring itself. They’re luxury items for sure, but they are super pretty. They’re all available to order now.

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