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Black Friday Marvel deals on comics, games, toys, and more

Face front, True Believer! The year 2020 may have been without a proper installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but there’s plenty of great products this holiday season to satisfy the Mighty Marvel Maven in your life. From toys to games and everything in between, we’re breaking down the best Marvel deals for you this Black Friday.

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The best Marvel Comics to start with for new readers

Getting into Marvel comics isn’t easy – there’s decades of backstory, thousands of characters, and millions of issues with reboots, retcons and rewritings alike. Fortunately, we’ve laid out some of the best starter comics to walk you into the Marvel Universe and get you invested in one of the biggest worlds in modern culture. 

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Best Suicide Squad gifts and merchandise: Costumes, figurines, homewares. and more

One of 2016’s most successful movies, the star-studded Suicide Squad film grossed over $700 million worldwide. It followed an ensemble cast of DC villains such as inveterate trickster Joker (last seen in the Dark Knight) and psycho pop muffin Harley Quinn, who join forces to tackle a sinister force. Let’s take a gander at the finest Suicide Squad merchandise that the internet’s yielded thus far.

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Forbidden Planet comics sale: 700+ graphic novels from £1.99

The folks at glorious geek emporium Forbidden Planet have reduced a bunch of comics down to as low as £1.99, just click on the ‘graphics novel’ section in the navigation.  Predominantly physical copies, you can get a ton of comics for negligible coin.  Popular options such as Batman, Superman, the Green Lantern, and Justice League feature, but there’s also some fantastic lesser-known comics such as Vertigo’s “Kitchen”, which follows gangsters’ wives in 70’s Hell Kitchen. Additionally, indie, and literary graphic novels abound.  It’s definitely worth taking a gander and seeing if anything strikes your fancy!

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Costumes for Halloween 2017: Games, comics and film themed outfits

Halloween’s on the horizon and to celebrate we’ve deconstructed a few of the best Halloween costumes from the world of games, comics and film. So far we have a DIY costume guide for vengeful crusader The Punisher (who’s about to head up his own Netflix series), Walking Dead villain Negan, the ever popular miss Harley Quinn, witty space-farer Star Lord from Guardians of the Galaxy, and the mysterious Chell from Valve’s Portal series. We’ve also looked at some of the best Zelda costume ideas out there.

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Halloween Costume Guide 2017: DIY Negan costume from Walking Dead

Follow this step by step guide to assembling an easy Negan from the Walking Dead outfit. Fan favourite and definitive Bad Guy Negan is an excellent go-to Halloween costume —  the baseball wielding psychopath (with added charisma) is instantly recognisable following the success of AMC’s Walking Dead, and uses clothes that suit both guys and gals. Whether you’re a fan of the comics or the television show, this is a straight forward outfit perfect for cosplay, parties and thwackin’ zombies. So without further adieu here’s our complete guide to a DIY Negan outfit; just in time for Halloween.

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Grab a bunch of Transformers and GI Joe digital comics in this week’s Humble Bundle

Humble is taking its comics bundles to a whole new level with the latest bundle. The Humble Transformers vs. GI Joe Bundle includes a truly massive amount of digital comics from, as you may expect, both the Transformers and GI Joe series over the years. Getting absolutely everything will cost you $25, but even at $1, you’ll be getting enough reading for a good few weeks. For what it’s worth, it’s a tough choice but my loyalties lie with Transformers. ‘Til all are one.

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