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The best external hard drive for Xbox One – how to increase your Xbox One storage space

These days, a standard 500GB or even a 1TB hard drive isn’t going to be able to store every video game you own. Indeed, it may not even store all the games you want to have on the go at the same time. If you’re an Xbox One owner, your only way to expanding your storage capacity is by adding an external hard drive to your setup. As fortune would have it, we’ve taken a look at a range of these things to let you know the best external hard drive for Xbox One. Here are our top picks.

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Expand Your Console’s Storage By 2TB For Under £60

If you play a lot of games on an Xbox One or Wii U, you will probably have bumped up against the limits of their hard drives by now. You could go through the trouble of opening up your console and switching out the hard drive inside to add more space, or you could get this £58 2TB drive and plug it into your console via USB and be done.

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