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The best amiibo deals and prices for all amiibo figures

The world of amiibo! What began as a limited range of figures based on Nintendo characters has grown into a massive array of collectables representing a wide range of Nintendo franchises. Everything from Animal Crossing to Smash Bros and with some indie gems like Shovel Knight in between. Here are the best amiibo deals on all available figures right now.

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The 15 best Nendoroid figures available in 2018

Nendoroids are small figures made by Good Smile Company based on various characters from anime, TV, movies and gaming. They’re also absolutely adorable and remarkably poseable. Any recognisable pop culture figure can have its own cute chibi Nendoroid made of it. Here’s our roundup of the 15 best Nendoroids you can spend real money on right now.

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Japan-only Monster Hunter Stories amiibo figures down to £7.91 / $9.99 for one day only

For roughly the next 24 hours, you can grab yourself one of three extra special looking Monster Hunter Stories amiibo figures – each featuring a rider and monster combo – for only £7.94 / $9.99 per figure. After the time is up, they’ll go back to their regular prices. If you’re an avid amiibo collector, you should probably also head over to our dedicated page on the best amiibo deals around, which is remarkably helpful for this kind of thing.

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