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Best Game of Thrones Merchandise for 2019

It’s nearly upon us. The Game of Thrones final season is less then a few days away. We couldn’t be more excited to find out what lies in store for Jon, Dany, Tirion and everyone else who has managed to stay alive through eight seasons at the whim of HBO and George R.R. Martin’s murderous pen. With hype levels reaching temperatures hotter than wildfire, what better time to frivolously spend on some of the best Game of Thrones merchandise available in 2019.

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Game of Thrones Gifts Guide for Fans

As the old adage goes, Winter is Coming, although in the real-world the onslaught of holiday events and the manifold pressures of gift buying are far more threatening that any raging dragon or dead-eyed monstrosity. So whether you’re looking for Valentines gifts or just want to treat yourself to something special, stick with us for the best Game of Thrones gifts from across the land. Also, by Jove, not long to go now for that finale!

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Westeros Whodunnit: 29% off Game of Thrones Cluedo board game

Get sleuthing in the treacherous world of Westeros with Game of Thrones themed Cluedo, currently at it’s cheapest at £21.26. Featuring a double-sided gameboard, there are two unique mysteries to solve, one in the Red Keep and one in Meereen. You can enter unique locations from the series such as pyramids and laboratories,  and as you can imagine the weapons choice advances somewhat on the ol’ dagger and candlestick combination!

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