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Best Xbox Series X headsets

Two of the best parts of good gaming are immersion and playing with friends – and a good quality headset can do a lot to improve both! And with the new Xbox generation doing a lot to improve on both accounts, it’s important to find the best tech possible to accentuate that. For that reason, we’ve put together this list of the best Xbox Series X headsets (and yes, they’ll work with the Xbox Series S too).

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Best PS5 headsets

If you love online gaming and playing with friends, a great headset can be the perfect way to handle that. And though the PS5 controller might come with a microphone and speakers built into it, that’s not quite a proper substitute for a proper headset that can carry your team to victory. With that in mind, we’ve laid out the best PS5 headset for you to buy, and some of the best prices we’ve seen for them out there.

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Grab yourself a half-price and sim-free Samsung Gear VR Headset with controller

Get yourself acquainted with virtual reality at a decent entry price with this half-price Samsung Gear and controller over at Carphone Warehouse. Surprisingly high quality considering the size/specs compared to say, a HTC Vive, it has a wide field of vision, adjustable head-straps, and top-notch visual quality. There’s a whole host of immersive VR experiences and games in the on-board Oculus store and it’s also sim-free, so you plug it into to any Samsung S6 and beyond.

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