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The best retro gaming gifts and ideas for retro gamers

Merchandise is as big a part of the gaming landscape these days as the threat of microtransactions in Triple-A releases. Publishers pump out as many statues, hoodies, tog bags, T-shirts and other knick-knacks as they do games and fans are spoiled for choice with the amount of merch available. If you want to pick up a statue of Marcus Fenix for the Gears of War fan in your life (or indeed yourself) your local toy store has you covered (rest in peace, Toys R Us). But what if you’re after something that harkens back to the days of dial-up modems, classic consoles or the arcade games of old?

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Valentine’s Day 2018: The best gifts for gamers

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching – and just like Christmas before it – couples rush around looking for gifts for their loved one. Good news if you’ve got a partner into games, though! Here we’ve put together a range of gifts for your player two, your tank or your support, your most-loved co-op buddy.

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