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Sound-caster: Save 33% on a Google Chromecast Audio at Maplins

You can grab a third off a Google Chromecast Audio at Maplins right now. This nifty device plugs into your speaker, allowing you to enjoy wire-free songs from the likes of Google Play Music, Deezer and Spotify, amongst others. Compatible across the full gamut of Android and Apple devices , you can even sync up multiple Chromecasts to play the same song across multiple outlets, using your phone  as a music remote control.

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The 9 best mobile games of 2017 so far

Mobile games are everywhere, both figuratively and literally. Whether you’re an iPhone owner or you prefer Android, there are tons of mobile games to try out, so which are worth your time? We’ve put together our top picks for the 9 best mobile games to play in 2017, so come with us while we check out what’s good.

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