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Cheap Black Friday gaming headset deals 2020

If you’ve got a gaming PC or console you use for online and multiplayer gaming, you’ll want a good headset to hear and speak through. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of Black Friday gaming headset deals in 2020, with a variety of options and prices for players of every budget. We’ll list them all below so you know your best options going through this year’s biggest global sale.

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Best noise cancelling headphones in 2019

Whereas once they were the almost exclusively the province of music snobs, noise-cancelling headphones have become more mainstream. This is a good thing for both audio enthusiasts and rank-and-file commuters alike; noise-cancelling headphones can deliver fantastic listening quality, blotting out the rumbling noise of a train or a screaming baby on a plane.

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The best wireless earbuds in 2018

Wires: who needs ’em? That infuriating dance of disentanglement you need to perform every time you pull out your favourite pair of earphones is a thing of the past. Wireless earbuds are here to lead us to a glorious cable-free future. Even if you might worry that the loss of a cable running directly from your music device to your ears would negatively impact audio quality, the good news is the tech has reached the point where it’s hardly noticeable – at least with the right pair.

Here, we’ve gathered up the five best wireless earbuds currently available, whether you’re on a budget, ready to splash some cash or just looking for something in between.

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These studio quality OneOdio DJ Over Ear Headphones are less than £20 today on Amazon

These OneOdio Over Ear Headphones Closed Back Studio DJ Headphones are today’s pickings for Amazon’s deal of the day; featuring high definition sound, shareport technology so you can connect multiple headphones to one device and single-side monitoring, these headphones are aimed at those who want to keep their mixes hot and their DJ skills sharp. Today, they’ve had a massive 76% knocked off them, bringing them down to just £19.54 from Amazon.

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The Best Noise-Cancelling Headphones in 2017

True music lovers will understand where noise-cancelling headphones fit in in the grand scheme of things. Delivering outstanding audio quality while actively blocking out noise from outside sources comes at no small price but it’s a technology that may just be worth every penny. Here are our top picks for the best noise-cancelling headphones available now.

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The 7 best Bluetooth headphones available right now

With the ever-increasing amount of phones and devices being released without a traditional headphone jack, wireless Bluetooth headphones are becoming more and more of a necessity. Even if you don’t have a newfangled device, there are many benefits to going with completely wireless headphones. Here are the 7 best Bluetooth headphones available right now.

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