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The new Humble THQ Nordic PlayStation Bundle 2 is the first PlayStation Humble Bundle that works in Europe & the UK

The lovely people at Humble Bundle have unveiled the latest console-focused bundle in the form of the Humble THQ Nordic PlayStation Bundle 2 that offers a selection of eleven THQ Nordic PlayStation 4 games via their famous pay-what-you-want model. Only this one is a little more significant, because the folks at Humble have finally managed to secure a deal that allows a bunch of brand new regions to the previously America-centric restrictions of previous Humble PlayStation Bundles to take advantage.

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Save the world IRL with Humble’s insane new bundle proposition

The good folk at games store Humble Bundle have raised over $100 million for charities all over the world. Their latest bundle offering, which features a generous selection of  27 games old and new, is not only going to be matched coin to coin by the store, but will also be donated in its entirety to charity — that’s 100% of all proceeds going to the likes of Save the Children and Doctors Without Borders. The bundle comes to roughly £23, so definitely worth a look if you fancy gaming whilst saving the world.

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In Space, no-one can hear you scream: Save 80% on the Alien Isolation Collection for the next seven hours

You can save 80% on terrifying horror  game Alien Isolation from the good folk at Humble Bundle — Be swift as the sale finishes in seven hours. The collection comes with every DLC and expansion for a complete experience. Less shooter and more crawler, the game pits you against an unstoppable, powerful enemy, and much like the films you must go to extreme lengths to survive. Critically acclaimed and masterfully created, it’s a real treat for both fans of the franchise and/or artful, challenging games.

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Fun and somewhat brutal city-builder Banished 66% discounted at Humble Bundle

Popular city-builder Banished is a colossal two thirds off at Humble Bundle. If you’re into building and management games, this is definitely one to check out! You control a group of settlers who have been exiled to a strange land, and must build a thriving colony for through trade and resource. The success or failure of your town depends entirely on your eye for risk and your management of resources.

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33% off sci-fi Hell themed shooter DOOM on Humble Bundle

You can grab a third off the latest incarnation of brutally fun shooter DOOM over at Humble Bundle, which has all DLC and even the aptly titled Update 6.66. One of the world’s first “hoarde” shooters, the very first DOOM game landed in 1992, and to this day features over-powered weapons and relentless demon herds in single-player and multiplayer. Furthermore, the soundtrack is metal, because what else what you want to listen to when you’re blasting demons straight into space?

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