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The best Lego sets for adults

Lego isn’t just for kids! If you’re looking for something fun to do and love building things, a good Lego set can provide a ton of entertainment and reward you with a nice item you can place somewhere as a decoration. Or to play with, we won’t tell. With that in mind, we’ve rounded up the best Lego sets for adults below.

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LEGO Black Friday deals 2020

Black Friday 2020 is well on the way, and one of the hottest in-demand toys, as ever, is Lego. Iconic, enduring, and beloved by all ages, Lego has expanded over the years to incorporate all ideas, genres, and dozens of beloved franchises. Luckily, we’re searching the internet every day for all the best deals and discounts on the greatest Lego sets for all ages, amassing it all here on our page of the best Lego Black Friday 2020 deals.

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The 15 Best Advent Calendars for Adults 2017

Ah, the modern advent calendar. Gone are the days of rubbish chocolates and cheap hoo-hahs, instead your festive count-down can be a cornucopia of nerd-some goodness and festive debauchery. Whether your preferred poison is coffee, dinosaurs or delicious pork, we’ve rounded up the best and most unusual advent calendars you can buy right now. Let’s take a closer look at the best advent calendars for adults out there.

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Save £20 on a Lego Star Wars Slave I ship with a tiny carbon-encased Han Solo

Channel the spirit of Boba Fett with deadly bounty huntin’ craft the Slave I, (the ship that infamously transported a carbon-frozen Han Solo to Jabba the Hutt) which is currently £20 off at Smyths. Featuring a rotating cockpit and wings, hidden guns and missiles, and your own lil’ Bobba Fett, carbon Han solo and Stormtrooper mini-figures, this dubious space-craft makes for a  fun toy and great collector’s item.

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Get Mew-self a treat: Rare Pokémon nano-blocks Kanto set (12 Pokémon included!)

Check out this adorable Pokémon nanoblock set, around £50 on Amazon. Comes complete with twelve miniature Pokémon you can build yourself! Nanoblocks are like Lego, but much tinier and also very Japanese. It can be tough to find this particular set in the UK without hefty shipping charges, so we’re glad we’ve stumbled upon it on with no delivery charges. It features eleven of your favourite Pokémon from the Kanto days, such as Pikachu and an unspeakably cute Magikarp, and one super-secret mystery Pokémon (!). 

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The best new games in February 2017

It’s time once more to take a look at some new games. The best new games, in fact. The best new games in February 2017. What upcoming titles can you look forward to playing in the month of February? Quite a few, as it turns out. We’ve gone through the big list and pulled out some of our top picks for the best new games in February 2017.

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