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ARRgh rated pirate drama: Save 33% off Complete Black Sails Steelbook Blu-ray (limited edition)

Check out pirate drama Black Sails, all four seasons of which are available in a limited edition box-set that’s 33% discounted at Zavvi. A prequel to literary classic Treasure Island, the series follows the exploits of multiple pirate-y sorts  as they fight for land, gold and supremacy. There’s a cursed galleon, madness, politics and as is to be expected, more gold than you can shake a peg-leg at.

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Pick up the last of the PC Destiny 2 Limited Edition stock while you can

If you’re the type to indulge in some limited edition versions of games, you can head over to Amazon UK right now and pick up the last of the Destiny 2 Limited Edition PC stock while it’s still available. It’ll run you £79.99 unless you’re a Prime member, in which case you’ll get a whole £2 off that price. The Xbox One and PS4 editions are already gone at the time of writing, though, so this one is for computer people only.

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