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Best Zelda gifts and merchandise: Zelda hoodies, Nendoroids, homewares, board games and more

As a franchise, the Legend of Zelda is one of gaming’s most iconic series. Whether you’re playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on the Nintendo Switch or you’re taking a nostalgia-laden trip back into the older games in the series, there’s a whole batch of fantastic merchandise and gifts out there bearing its name. Here are our favourite bits of the best Zelda gifts and merchandise available.

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Halloween 2017 Legend of Zelda costume and ideas: Princess Zelda outfit, Link costume, and more

With the release of the tremendous Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, you’d be forgiven for being even more of a Zelda fanatic than ever before. With great fandom comes great excuses to indulge in some of the best Zelda costumes around. Whether for a party, Halloween or a cosplay convention, these are our picks for the best Zelda costumes around — including Link, Princess Zelda and more weapons then you shake a pointy stick at.

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The Ocarina of Time Link amiibo is back in stock at Nintendo’s UK store

The much-sought-after and increasingly elusive Link amiibo from Ocarina of Time is finally back in stock over at Nintendo’s official UK store, priced at an incredibly reasonable £10.99. Given that this figure sells out quickly and routinely goes for upwards of £90 on eBay, you may want to grab this one while you can. Be sure to check our guide to the best amiibo deals while you’re there, too.

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The Ocarina of Time Link amiibo is back in stock, if you’re quick

Play-Asia has today come into some stock of the hugely elusive Ocarina of Time amiibo and better yet, the site isn’t gouging the price too bad. You can pick up that particular amiibo for £20.91 / $26.99, or go ahead and check out the site’s range of other Link amiibo on offer. These amiibo have been largely sold out since their release and prices on eBay have climbed as high as £100 / $120 recently.

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