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Best Zelda gifts and merchandise: Zelda hoodies, Nendoroids, homewares, board games and more

As a franchise the Legend of Zelda is one of gaming’s most iconic series. Whether you’re playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on the Nintendo Switch or you’re taking a trip back into the older games in the series, there’s a whole batch of fantastic merchandise and gifts out there bearing its name. Here are our favourite bits of the best Zelda merch available. Perfect gifts for any Zelda fans in your life!

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Best Destiny gifts and merchandise: Destiny hoodies, action figures, and more

Destiny is one of the few games to maintain loyal fan-base dedicated to playing on a regular basis years after launch. Following Destiny 2’s release earlier this month, follower numbers are on the up! Whether you’re a Warlock, Titan or Hunter, or you are seeking a Destiny gift for a fan of the series, we’ve got something for you. Let’s take a look at our guide to all the Destiny series merchandise and gifts online currently.

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The best Legend of Zelda costumes and costume ideas

With the release of the tremendous Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, you’d be forgiven for being even more of a Zelda fanatic than ever before. With great fandom comes great excuses to indulge in some of the best Zelda costumes around. Whether for a party, Halloween or a cosplay convention, these are our picks for the best Zelda costumes around.

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Own your own piece of Dark Souls lore with these official replica rings

Are you a Dark Souls fan? Have you ever wanted to have a piece of that game’s universe for your own to keep, or, let’s say, wear? You’re in luck – First4Figures has put the work in to create incredibly high-quality replicas of three pieces of iconic Dark Souls jewellery. Specifically, the Ring of Steel Protection, the Silvercat Ring and, last but not least, Havel’s Ring itself. They’re luxury items for sure, but they are super pretty. They’re all available to order now.

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This super limited edition Spyro the Dragon statue is up for pre-order

For those unaware of what kind of work First4Figures does – think of the most intensely detailed, incredibly sculpted and insanely limited (and thus, collectable) statues made which represent various gaming and pop culture characters. There you have the kind of stuff on offer. This week, it’s the last chance to get your pre-orders in for this extremely limited edition Spyro the Dragon statue, which costs a fairly eyebrow raising £279.99 / $324.99.

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Play-Asia has a range of limited edition Figma figures available this week

If you’re the kind of person who has a soft spot for action figures or statues of your favourite pop culture characters, you’ll most likely know the figurines that emerge under the Figma brand. Each of these figures is intensely detailed, comes with a range of accessories and replacement parts and usually depicts a super recognisable figure from gaming, TV, anime or movies. In short, they’re awesome, and Play-Asia is currently taking orders for a bunch of limited versions.

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