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Best Monster Hunter Merchandise and Gifts

With Monster Hunter World having been released on consoles and PC earlier this year, and Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate to be released in August for the Switch, 2018 is a good year to get into the Monster Hunter franchise.

Whether Monster Hunter World was your first time getting into the franchise or not, Generations Ultimate will be a great introduction for any new Monster Hunter fans, as it brings together tons of the monsters from older monster hunter games into one game for you to hunt, as well as interacting with previous games interesting characters.

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The best gifts for Monster Hunter fans – hoodies, figurines, and more

Perhaps gaming’s biggest underground success, Monster Hunter has been around since 2004, when it made its debut on the PlayStation 2. Since then, the action-RPG fantasy series has gone on to sell more than 40 million copies worldwide through various sequels and spin-off titles. No wonder, then, that there’s an absolute ton of pretty fantastic Monster Hunter themed gifts and merch out there. Here is our guide to the 14 best gifts for Monster Hunter fans.

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Japan-only Monster Hunter Stories amiibo figures down to £7.91 / $9.99 for one day only

For roughly the next 24 hours, you can grab yourself one of three extra special looking Monster Hunter Stories amiibo figures – each featuring a rider and monster combo – for only £7.94 / $9.99 per figure. After the time is up, they’ll go back to their regular prices. If you’re an avid amiibo collector, you should probably also head over to our dedicated page on the best amiibo deals around, which is remarkably helpful for this kind of thing.

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