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World Book Day 2021: Best movies you didn’t know were based on books

The line “the book was better” is something of a catchphrase among a certain kind of hipster, and while it’s often true, sometimes it’s not. A director or screenwriter understands what makes a book great or how to translate it a different medium, and can reimagine the magic in a different way. And while there’s some examples that won’t surprise anybody, there’s also a whole range of great movies based on books without people realising the literary inspiration behind them! Bearing that in mind, for World Book Day 2021 we’re celebrating the best movies you probably didn’t know were based on books. And if you did know… well, congratulations on being so well-read.

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Best anime blu ray to buy in 2018 so far

This year is a huge year in terms of anime releases; be it for sequels to previously existing series, brand new series, or movies you really need to catch up on from last year – there’s a ton you’ll want to buy, and if you aren’t a collector, now is definitely the time to start. With that in mind, we’ve gone ahead and gathered up our top picks. here’s a rundown of the best anime blu rays to watch and buy in 2018

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The truth is out there: Grab the entirety of the X-Files on DVD (plus movies) for just over £30 (56% off!)

Cult phenomenon the X-Files is now available in over at Zavvi for £32.99. You’ll get all nine seasons plus the two movies. Following the cosmic exploits of the infamous Mulder and Sculley, one who wants nothing more than to believe, the other a hardened skeptic, the show looks at a range of surreal unsolved cases. If you’ve ever had an interest in aliens, government conspiracies, the paranormal, and cryptozoology, the X-Files is worth a look!

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Hasta La Vista, Baby: Grab 25% off the Terminator 1-4 Blu-ray box-set

Packed with all the classic Terminator films running from the cult-tastic first  to 2009’s Salvation, this box-set guarantees many hours of strange killer robot based fun-times. You can grab 25% off it currently at Tesco. Additionally, there’s a  bunch of mini features on the making of the films and the legendary special effects, so it’s sure to keep any fans of the ruthless cyborgs satisfied.

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Best Suicide Squad gifts and merchandise: Costumes, figurines, homewares. and more

One of 2016’s most successful movies, the star-studded Suicide Squad film grossed over $700 million worldwide. It followed an ensemble cast of DC villains such as inveterate trickster Joker (last seen in the Dark Knight) and psycho pop muffin Harley Quinn, who join forces to tackle a sinister force. Let’s take a gander at the finest Suicide Squad merchandise that the internet’s yielded thus far.

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Access over 1,000 movies on demand, including brand new ones: NowTV Box and two months of Sky Cinema for £15 (cheapest yet)

You can grab over 1,000 movies on demand with a two month Sky Cinema Month Pass and NOW TV box, going for £14.99 at Argos — absolutely no contract required. Movies available in October include Moana, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and T2 Trainspotting. Additionally, you’ll get BBC iPlayer, The ITV Hub, All 4 and Demand 5 all contained within the speedy little box. As a Sky cinema pass is normally £9.99 per month, and the box goes for around £14.99, this is an excellent little bargain.

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Who ya gonna call? Pack some heat with 33% off Ghostbusters 3D and 2D blu-ray + bonus discount code

The recent revamp of the classic movie is now discounted by 33% at Zavvi, and you can grab an extra 10% off with discount code: CLEAR10. Ghostbusters comes in a limited edition steel-book and features both 3D and 2D blu-ray versions of the hit movie. The story follows a team of strangers that come together to take down ghosts, slime and other assorted terrors engulfing Manhattan.

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Blade Runner’s 4K Blu-ray due out later this year with a special edition available to order

Blade Runner might be the most re-released movie in cinema history. The supposed ‘definitive edition’ Blu-ray of this film is due out September 25th in the form of a 4K version of the film packaged on Blu-ray. In addition to the regular 4K version, you can pick up a 4K Special Edition set which contains every single version of the movie released to date, all in one beautifully made box.

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Get 5 Blu-rays for £30 this week from Zavvi, over 300 to choose from

This week, Zavvi is partnering up with Universal to offer a whole batch of Blu-ray movies together in a bundle for £30. Specifically, you can pick five Blu-rays from the selection of over 300 to bundle up for that price, with free delivery on top. For what it’s worth, the range includes the magnificent Kubo and the Two Strings as well as classics like It’s a Wonderful Life, Top Gun, Crimson Peak and everybody’s favourite – Pitch Perfect 2.

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