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Get a Blue Blackout Yeti Microphone with Ghost Recon Wildlands or Watch Dogs 2 in this bundle and save 43%

If you’re a wannabe streamer, you might want to consider this deal over at Amazon UK today. You can pick up a Blue Blackout Yeti microphone, often considered one of the best condenser USB microphones, along with a copy of either Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands or Watch Dogs 2 on PC in a bundle that will cost only £79.99, a 43% saving on the usual price of £139.99. It’s perfect for streaming, recording voice overs or even voice chatting via Discord or Skype, and the games aren’t too shabby either.

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Save 46% on epic fantasy MMORPG Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire — no subscription required!

You can get critically acclaimed open-world online fantasy RPG Guild Wars 2, with latest expansion Path of Fire, for under £20 at CDKeys. You’ll also be just in time for Guild War’s legendary Halloween event ‘Shadow of the Mad King’, which features a host of spooky treats like mount racing and candy corn. Unlike most others of its ilk, no subscription is required to play, so you can get going with no extra costs.

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High Grade PC Gaming On A Budget

PC Gaming is getting more and more desirable these days, with games showcasing just how good they can get on high-end PCs, but the biggest thing stopping most people from taking the plunge into PC gaming is the high-cost. Thankfully, Amazon are here to offer an intensely good deal on the Alienware Steam machine range. Most notably, today you can get an Alienware Steam Machine with a whopping 1TB Hard Drive and a Steam Controller for under $500. That’s the lowest it’s been priced since launch.

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