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The best power bank for Nintendo Switch

No one likes to be in the middle of a game and see that flashing warning light alerting you to your console’s dwindling battery life. It’s a nightmare scenario that can be so easily resolved, though. All you need to do is you equip yourself with a power bank for Nintendo Switch to keep you juiced while on the move. It’s very worthwhile if you’re expecting a lot of Animal Crossing: New Horizons playtime in the near future!

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Your phone need never die again: 50% off JUICE Long Weekender Portable Power Banks

These portable device chargers are half-price over at Currys, and come in an array of eight bright colours. You can charge two devices simultaneously using the 13,000 mAh battery. How far that goes depends on your device, an iPhone 6 could charge around four times. It also boasts an LED indicator so you know when your phone is ready, and has an anti-slip coating to help stop you breaking it!

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