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Best power bank for Nintendo Switch to buy in 2021

Nothing ruins a good gaming session like a nagging reminder to recharge – or even, god forbid, a full-on shutdown. It’s a real concern for the Nintendo Switch, which performs fantastically in handheld mode but is liable to burn through the battery faster than you can blink, especially if you’re enjoying one of the more sizable downloads like Breath of the Wild or Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

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May your phone live forever: Best budget power bank half-price at Amazon

This popular Lumsing ultra-thin power bank is 50% off at Amazon, and has acquired great reviews all round! It’s got Smart Detect technology to optimise charging for different devices and packs 8000mAh, which means you can charge an iPhone 6 three times, a Galaxy S6 twice, and an iPad Air once. It’s also pretty hardy, as it’s made of sturdy industry grade materials, as well as being a striking black and orange colour (like some kind of predator…).

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