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The best and cheapest Spider Man pre order price

Our favourite web-slinging, crime fighting, photograph taking, friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man is back as a PS4 exclusive game and is due to release on 7th September 2018. There’s not long left now, so here you’ll find the absolute best and cheapest Spider Man pre order price around.

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Best Spider Man merchandise in 2018

It’s 2018 and there’s a brand new, PS4 exclusive Spider Man game headed our way, specifically on September 7th. Since its initial announcement at E3 2017, there’s been quite a lot of excitement about Spidey’s upcoming adventure.

To celebrate the fact that the wait is almost over, we’ve gathered up some of the best Spider Man merchandise available right now – everything from figures to clothing, some of which you’ll definitely want when you cosy up with your PS4 to spend hours swinging around New York City.

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Save 60% on this working Spider-Man Homecoming Spider Drone

Marvel’s Spider-Man Homecoming re-imagined everyone’s favourite webslinger with a host of new Stark gadgets including a reconnaissance drone. Turns out you can now own your very own Spider-Drone from the movie, which Amazon have cut the price of today. With a design based on the movie, this remote control drone comes with front and back LED lights, a rechargable USB battery and dual flight modes as well as voice lines from the movie. It makes a perfect gift for the wannabe Spidey-kids in your life and today it’s down to £39.99 at Amazon.

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