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Get Rise of the Tomb Raider on PC for $12 / £10 in this month’s Humble Monthly

Now that we’re officially in September now, somehow, it’s time for the Humble Monthly offerings to change over to a brand new batch. By signing up to Humble’ subscription-based service, you can currently get instant access to Rise of the Tomb Raider on PC for £10 / $12, with a stack of other games headed your way at the end of the month. Definitely one of the best prices for this game alone, let alone the other mystery games as well.

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The Humble 2K PlayStation Bundle offers a bunch of PS3 and PS4 games for dirt cheap

Right now, you can pick up a whole bunch of PlayStation downloadable games from 2K for almost nothing. Mafia, Bioshock, Borderlands, Evolve and XCOM are all represented across PS3, PS4 and Vita, and you can get them all for under $20. Keep in mind, these codes will only redeem on US PlayStation accounts, so you’ll either need to be living in one of these countries or have yourself a US account ready to go.

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Best Mechanical Keyboard in 2017

Whether you’re the type of person to play hours upon hours of PC games or you’re able to type at a blistering speed, chances are you’ve come across someone recommending mechanical keyboards. Offering a much more satisfying feel for writers and more precision for gamers, here is our list of the best mechanical keyboards available right now.

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The Best PC Gaming Controller in 2017

If you’re a PC gamer, controllers can be a touchy subject. While not every game is designed with gaming controllers in mind, there are plenty of games that are best played using a controller rather than a mouse and keyboard. So what makes for the best PC gaming controller on the market right now? Well, here’s our guide.

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