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PS5 SSD: which NVMe SSDs are compatible with PlayStation 5?

With the ever-growing size of game files, your PS5’s included 825GB storage will fill up fast. Even limited to a few games, the like of GTA Online and Call of Duty: Warzone require regular sizable updates. If you want to have access to more games at any time without constantly deleting and reinstalling, then expanding your storage with a PS5 SSD is essential.

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The best geeky cookbooks – from Dungeons and Dragons to Star Wars-inspired recipes

Eating and enjoying food has always been a perfect pastime that brings people together. Sharing cultures, tastes and experiences – even languages. Combine that with modern fandoms and pop culture and you’ve got yourself a recipe for yummy success! Immersing everyone into exciting fictional worlds is a great way to bond with friends and connect with new ones. Which is why we’ve cooked up a list of all the best geeky recipe books, from Marvel and Star Wars to Dungeons and Dragons, and many more.

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The best laser, inkjet and all-in-one printer 2021 from HP, Canon, Epson and more

Printers come in all variations and price ranges these days. It can be a bit of a minefield trying to figure out which one you should opt for but we’re here to help narrow down your search for the best printer, be it Canon, HP or Epson. Whether you’re after an inkjet printer, laser printer, all-in-one printer, photo printer or wireless printer, we’ve got all these covered in our handy guide.

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Nintendo Switch OLED pre order: release date, price and specs

The Nintendo Switch OLED was announced this week. After months of rumours and speculations about the Switch Pro, the cat’s finally out the bag. While it might not feature the upgrades many were expecting, it could still be worth purchasing if you don’t already own a Nintendo Switch system, or if you’re thinking of upgrading from the Switch Lite to a dockable model.

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Best patio heaters to keep warm in your garden for longer

British summers are a bit of a mixed bag; warm one minute and cold the next. It can also get a bit chilly when the sun goes down, making you go inside to warm up or wishing you’d brought your jacket. However patio heaters let you enjoy your garden space for longer and they’re perfect for keeping you warm and cosy well into the night or on a cooler day.

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Best Philips Hue outdoor lighting to brighten your summer evenings

Now that summer is heating up we’re spending this week looking at some of the best outdoor buys – the tech, gadgets and more that’ll help you make the most of the time spent outside. Next, it’s time to shine a light on smart lighting with the best Philips Hue outdoor lighting deals to spruce up your outside space during a relaxing evening with a cocktail or a lively garden party with a sizzling quality BBQ.

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Best lawnmower 2021 including cordless, electric, petrol and robot mowers that cut the grass for you

There’s nothing quite like the smell of freshly cut grass and the satisfaction of a neat and tidy lawn. But whether or not you actually enjoy cutting the grass is a different thing entirely. If your lawnmower is causing you more stress than its worth, or you’re buying one for the first time, you might be scratching your head wondering which lawn mower is best for you. To help you decide, we’ve sourced some of the best lawn mowers in 2021, including everything from electric lawn mowers to robotic ones.

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The best phones and tablets for Xbox Cloud Gaming | xCloud

Formerly known as Project xCloud, Xbox Cloud Gaming lets you stream over 100 Xbox titles from supported Windows 10 PC, Android and Apple iOS devices with an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription. Whether you’re an existing subscriber or diving into Microsoft’s cloud gaming service for the first time, here are our top picks for the best mobiles and tablets for Xbox Cloud Gaming. 

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Best Harry Potter gifts and merchandise 2021 including Lego, wands and more

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone will be celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. The first movie came out on 16 November 2001 and it’s still very much a part of today’s pop culture as it was during the 2000s. The books, which were first published in 1997, are also close to marking their 25th anniversary. If you’re planning on gifting something magical to a fan of the boy wizard then look no further as we’ve sourced all the best Harry Potter gifts right here.

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