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    Best gifts for comic book fans

    Buying gifts for comic readers can be a tricky prospect, but we've got you covered!

    Buying presents for comic book fans can be quite the challenge. This goes double if you’re not in tune with their particular brand of geekery. While it’s much easier to buy gifts for comic book fans than it used to be, with the Marvel Cinematic Universe absolutely dominating cinemas for years now. There's also all kinds of other comics getting film adaptations, meaning high street stores are being stuffed to the gills with merch. We’re a picky bunch and sometimes too many options can be worse than none.

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    Halloween Costume Guide: DIY Negan costume from Walking Dead

    The complete DIY guide to recreating Negan's iconic costume from The Walking Dead in time for Halloween

    Fan favourite and definitive Bad Guy Negan is an excellent go-to Halloween costume— the baseball wielding psychopath (with added charisma) is instantly recognisable following the success of AMC's Walking Dead, and uses clothes that suit anyone.

    Whether you're a fan of the comics or the television show, this is a straight forward outfit perfect for cosplay, parties and thwackin' zombies. So without further adieu here's our complete guide covering how to dress up as Negan from The Walking Dead for Halloween